Unplugged Newspaper

This is an incomplete entry! Stay tuned all week for new stuff. We did not finish our pots and plan to do them this week. We had a very busy week.

NEWSPAPER!!!!!!  We love doing projects with newspaper. Since it is gardening season we will make newspaper pots. These are free (junk mail fliers and other folks throw away daily papers), biodegradable, and really good mulch. So they are a "green" item.

Here are some sites about how to make and use newspaper pots in the garden.







We will also use newspaper as mulch in our container garden. Mulch keeps the moisture in and helps conserve on water. It also deters weeds. We will dig up a few worms to put in each pot as we mulch. Worms love newsprint! Worms are very good for the soil. We will have to keep putting newspaper down as it biodegrades as well as coffee grounds or other organic matter to feed the worms.



DSC_0087 DSC_0094 DSC_0093 DSC_0097

We noticed that our plants grew very fast this week. They have tripled in size. The paper may have helped but we think it is because it rained every day this week!

On Worms





We were able to find worms for each pot. As they multiply we will post photos of their work. They airate the soil and add the the composition of the soil.


  1. I've always planned on using newspaper for mulch, but for some reason it never makes it in. I love seeing all the neat things you guys do!

  2. I have used newspaper for mulch this year. It is wonderful to be able to use something that doesn't hurt the environment. I love those paper pots.

  3. That's interesting. I haven't seen paper pots before! That might be a fun thing to try. :)

  4. great ideas can not wait to try it out.

  5. Those are great newspaper gardening ideas. I would love to try starting some seeds in newspaper pots. So far, I haven't seemed to have had enough time to garden from seed. Perhaps when my littlest is a bit older. You are inspiring me!

  6. I wasn't sure which blog of yours to come visit! I visited all of them! I like that newspaper pot video...I'll have to try that!


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