Eyed Click Beetle

Eyed Click Beetle

Today we found an Eyed Click Beetle. Cool little dude! He was being pursued by a Cardinal. My 11yo set off to save him. Here are some sites with information on the Eyed Click Beetle.



Photos by my 11yod




  1. Ok, you are my sons best friend. He just loves beetles! Good job on the documentation.


  2. oooo what a lovely creature indeed!!! what a find!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I've been away for the last couple weeks, only blogged a couple times as you can see. So sorry I am just retunring your comment. I've been trying for the past three days to get through all of them. There are so many. I should have never taken a computer break/vacation! YIKES!

  3. I saw one of these on the side of our house a few weeks ago and am so happy to now know what it was.


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