Unplugged Plastic

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The following creations were made by my 11yo daughter. Because she is done with "school" I simply gave her the topic for the week and this is what she did.

plastic1 Bookmarks using contact paper

plastic2 Space Ship using 2 plastic petri dishes

Aliens inside the space ship made with plastic beads.

plastic3 Caterpillar made with plastic weaving stuff and beads.


And because mom is always in "school" mode we looked up a bit on plastic.




  1. I like giving my son the theme to and seeing what he comes up with. Your daughter did a wonderful job on her projects.

  2. I can't wait til my little one is old enough to understand the "theme"...well, what I mean is, she gets it but needs direction. I love the open ended activity. :)

  3. I think it is cool that you could give your daugther the topic and let her loose with it! It looks liek she had a good time.

  4. great projects.... fun to have older kids that can "do" stuff.... my seven year old is almost there... shame about the 5 year old and 1 year old that wreck her fun...

  5. Great projects! It is fun to see what they come up with on their own. I love the caterpillar and the alien space ship especially!

    (Interesting links too)

  6. She came up with so many great and wonderful projects!


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