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We finished!

Glue Bead Necklace

Use washable markers only. DO NOT use permanent marker. 

Step 1 Glue Bead Step 2 Glue bead

You can use any shallow mold. My kids use lids of all sizes. The mold above was saved from a box of candy from Easter. Elemers white glue works the best. Other glues do not dry as clear.  We like to put a bead as a guide for a hole later but this step is not necessary as you can poke a hole with a large needle. The color shows up as it dries.

Step 3 Glue Bead


It is fun to watch them dry as they change in color intensity. My kids like adding beads and shells. Sand looks cool too.

Step 4 Glue Bead


Peel out slowly when completely dry. Be patient! Wait at least two days! Its worth the wait.

Step 6  Glue Bead



Step 7 Glue Bead


Step 8 Glue Bead

We make many things with these.

finished Glue bead My daughter also uses them as plates for her Polly Pocket dolls!

Here is one of the many "stick" projects my younger daughter did this week.

" A Girl and Her Dog" made with wire, beads, wood, felt and a bit of glue.

Doll 1


Here  is a site with really awesome "glue" crafts.



  1. The girl and her dog are cute! I can't wait to see how you made glue necklaces!

  2. That is an awesome project project,Tina. That is so creative. I didn't have time to do any projects this week, so maybe I can catch up and do two projects this week. : )

  3. Your site is lovely. I can't wait until my girlie is old enough for some of your ideas.


  4. Wow! Those are impressive! I have never seen glue beads before, but they look wonderful! I am getting so many ideas this week. I'll add this one to my list too. I love the girl and dog also. Very cute!

  5. How lovely and creative.

  6. The glue beads are wonderful. Oh! I've got some old snowflake shaped candy molds that might work for this project. Bet they'd make cute gift tie ons. We'll have to give it a try.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. :)

  7. Those necklaces are cool. I've never seen that project before!

  8. How cute!!! I know my daughter would love these.

  9. I love the beads out of glue! My oldest son and I are planning to make fimo beads soon but we'll have to try yours at some point (do they get sticky against your skin as you wear them?).

  10. We started these today. We can't wait to see how they turn out. We're enjoying just watching the colors spread!


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