Unplugged "Old"

I presented the topic to both my gals. Here is what they came up with!

Picture Frame made from "free" napkin holder, "free" thrift store item, cardboard, tape, glue, and paint. The ceramic lions are very old.

Our favorite thrift store always has some really cool stuff on their 'free' table. We love to see what we can make with these items.


  She used the tape and glue/paint method from a previous Unplugged idea.olde

 oldf e.'s old 2

Finger Puppets Made with an old pair of gloves. Mom helped with the glue gun.

old12 old13 old19 old20

 Capri Pants made with old hand me down pants. My kids get lots of hand me downs. I also work with the clothes ministry at our church. Sometimes the pants are too short or too wide ( bell bottoms!) so my gals like to make shorts or capris out of them.



n.'s pants 2 n.'s pants 3 n.'s pants


  1. Some very cool projects. I should really check out our local thriftstore and see if they have any goodies like that. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I never thought of turning too short or too wide pants into capris. Great idea!

  3. Your projects look great! I'm impressed with the picture frame!

  4. I love it. Reusing is better than recycling.

    My daughter most of her clothes handed down from her big brother. Turning his hole-y pants into shorts allows us to make them a little more girly with ribbons on the hem or pretty patches.

  5. Great ideas!

    There's a stack of DS's trousers waiting to be turned into shorts. I'd better get to that before summer's gone! :)

  6. I love that picture frame. I have never seen anything as cool as that napkin holder at our thrift store's free section.

    I like how your daughter's "tape decoupage" turned out. Very pretty!

    Those finger puppets are adorable too, and I wouldn't have thought of that one either!

  7. I love that you live close enough to browse the thrift store, what a nice thing to be able to do! The masking tape is fascinating, I'd like to try that when my little ones fingers are a bit stronger. Kudos for using old in several ways. the puppets are darling!


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