Show and Tell Friday "Correction"


Seems the editor and writer of the Morningstar S&T Edition made an error! Goldfield is in Nevada! Now to be fair when you are traveling in that part of Ca and NV you cross over the borders many times on the same route. Here is info on Goldfield NV  ( where the car picture was taken) And I have to say it may be listed as a Ghost town but there are many business and folks living there.







I noticed when I was looking for the above sites that a few folks had made the same error I did! Oh well. We really love going to old out of the way forgotton towns. Hope you enjoyed your tour of Goldfield Nevada!



We revisited the art museum this week so we could take advantage of the free Rembrant exhibit and etching demo, and the Ansel Adams display. Both are visiting exhibits and will be moving on soon. Last week when we were at the museum I ask one of the docents about the camera policy. I should have ask a non volunteer! I got the wrong info. As we were leaving with our camera and tripod from the changing exhibit room we were ask to delete all the photos that we had taken! Seems there was a mix up in information! The kids got to see a wonderful class on how to etch and they loved the Ansel Adams photos. Most on display were from our home area in California. It was quite a treat.

So since we could not share a Rembrant with you we thought we would share a bit of desert art from Goldfield California. This out of the way true gold mining town has many things that are unique!  We took the photo a few years ago while on vacation.

This is a great "I Spy" picture.


  1. Hi Mom,

    I remember seeing that car! Its has so much weird stuff on it...


  2. Wow! That is a great I Spy picture. Art is everywhere.



  3. I am sooooooo sorry about the camera situation.

    I am NOT going to show my MIL this pic. She is a junk-aholic. She wants to make art out of junk but I don't want to encourage her. lol I know it is a form of expression but I don't want to look at it everyday. Here house is 30 feet away. [0=

    Blessings and ((HUGS))

    In Him<><


  4. Good grief! This is amazing. I'm surprised it's not sitting on the lawn in front of some city hall somewhere. :-)

    Where is Goldfield in relation to Grass Valley and/or Oakhurst?

  5. That is quite a picture! You could play I Spy for hours there!!

    Is that is someone's yard?



  6. Oh what a van! Someone has a good sense of modern art.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  7. This is so accurate of things found around this SW area - too funny!!!

    Glad you enjoyed your visit to the museum - too bad we couldn't have seen the pictures - guess I'll have to dust off my art books and take a gander through them and pretend they were on your blog, lol!!

    Have a lovely weekend, my friend!


  8. Bummer about the pictures. We have Ansel Adams' prints in our bedroom -- they are some of my husband's favorites.

    My MIL just told me about "Carhenge" =)


  9. We had that happen too in Washington D.C. - there's a lot of places you can't take pictures. Sometimes I'd take one not knowing I was in that non-picture taking zone, but they wouldn't be delete it.



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