. I have never done one before but this one seemed fun!

1.Who is your man? Evan

2.  How long have you been together?  29 years

3.  How long dated?  A year

4.  How old is your man?  48

5.  Who eats more?  its a tie!!!!

6.  Who said "I love you" first?  Wow I think he did...but then again...

7.  Who is taller?  He is.  He is 5'11" and I am 5'1 and 1/2 " tall

8.  Who sings better?  He does. I just make a joyful noise!

9.  Who is smarter?  He is smarter in somethings and I am in others.

10.  Whose temper is worse? No judgement!

11.  Who does the laundry? We all do

12.  Who takes out the garbage? We all do

13.  Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? He does

14.  Who pays the bills? He does

15.  Who is better with computer?  He is!!! Thankfully. 

16.  Who mows the lawn?  We all do.

17.  Who cooks dinner?  We all do But he likes to cook more than any of us.

18.  Who drives when you are together?  He does

19.  Who pays when you go out?  He does

20.  Who is most stubborn?  ME

21.  Who is the first to admit when they are wrong?  that veries

22.  Whose parents do you see the most?  Neither. His are gone and mine live very far away.

23.  Who kissed whom first?  I know you are suppose to remember stuff like this..I believe it was him kissing me first! Our first kiss was on the rim of the Grand Canyon.

24.  Who asked who out?  He ask me.

25.  Who proposed?  He did.

26.  Who is more sensitive? He is.

27.  Who has more friends?  ?

28.  Who has more siblings?  I do. 13

29.  Who wears the pants in the family? 

30.  How did you meet? at college


  1. I see you found a s &t. It is a great one too. I love that tag. It is to funny. Especially the "Who wears the pants."


    ps. I was signed in, but for some reason the computer kicked me off, so this was easier.

  2. Hi Tina,

    I have tagged you on my blog:


    Have fun!


    Heather L.


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