HS Memoirs~ Homeschool Agendas 08-09


I am a bit late at joining Homeschool Memoirs. This weeks theme is sharing your 2008-09 homeschool agendas and plans.

I sort of have 2 schools in one at our house. My oldest homeschool child is in 12th grade this year. He has a full time day job and does his school at night mostly on his own. This year he is taking:

Bible : Books not yet chosen! I have a few in mind and need to preview.

Math: Saxon

English: Houghton Mifflin Grammar and Composition  We have used these since 7th grade and find them to be very good. I got the whole set for free ( 7th through 12th grade) several years ago.

Vocabulary: Wordly Wise

Economics: Using a college level text.

Guitar:  starting year five

Music Theory : starting year two

Work Experience ( he is learning how to use technical programs for screen printing and art)

Our second school is very eclectic. My girls are in 7th and 9th grade. We will do several classes together.

Bible: Daily Devotions  and MOH bible study. Each girl also has their own private devotion as well as books we choose for them to read throughout the year. Still working on this list!

Science: Apologia Physical Science Our focus will be on hands on stuff.

History: Mystery of History 3  This is a very hands on curriculum.

Geography: World Geography using a simple Rand McNally workbook. We need to work on this area!

Art of the Renaissance Period using a CM approach.

American Sign Language : Using books and a free on line program.

Old World Literature: using their grandfathers college books!

7th grader

Math Saxon

English Houghton Mifflin Grammar and Composition

Vocabulary: Wordly Wise Both gals wanted a workbook this year. We usually just do vocabulary and spelling along with history and science.

Chinese : Using two free on line programs.

Piano: year two

9th grader

Math: Saxon

English: Houghton Mifflin Grammar and Compostion

Vocabulary: Wordly Wise

Piano: Year six

Voice: first year

French: using two free on line programs


We do the together stuff in the morning. The girls work on their own after lunch. We are very flexible and will even do stuff on Saturday if "life" happens to throw something our way.

MOH will be MW Th

Science will be MTF

This year has been full of so many blessings. We live on a very small income. There is no cash for school yet every need has been met above and beyond . Gifts of kindness, small jobs here and there, really good deals at our local homeschool bookstore,  free on line resources, bartering, and borrowing. Most important has been learning to listen to the Lord on what to do for each child. Taking time to talk with each child about what they want to do. I learned just yesterday that my 12th grader wanted to take Music Theory again as he felt he needed to understand some stuff better. 

Our verse: Christ who is our life. Col: 3:4

Christ must be first in all we do and that includes planning our school year. I forged ahead on my own over half the summer before I stopped and listened! Shame on me! But God is oh so good. He is the best guide and knows my children better than I do.


  1. That sounds great! I pray you have a great school year! :-)


  2. Your post on my blog was SO funny! You siad I made you "tired." WOW! I cannot imagine doing what you do - that's a lot of work!

    I do really appreciate reading what veteran homeschoolers are doing. I hope you'll stop by again!


  3. I have throughly enjoyed reading what you all will be up to ! I just love how God has been leading you and you are listening to your dc. I look forward to reading your HS Memiors this year ! You are one of the people I am trying to glean from with all you have done and what you are doing with your two oldest. I can't believe I have only two years left with my oldest. ((sniff sniff))

    Sending you BIG ((HUGS)) my SSiC

    In Him<><


  4. I started a new meme and am having a contest to kick it off. I hope you can stop by!



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