Anti Procrastination Challenge

Hello Ladies! I hope you are all finding ways to reach your goals. I am slow at the quilt goal but I did get one square done. I am not pleased with it and may take it out....yes I have already done that a few times. My hand sewing is not what it use to be. Nor is my eyesight!

Anyway here is what I have done. The photos are not the best. Something I am doing wrong with the flash.

 8 inch by 8 inch soft cotton cloth. Most folks use muslin. I wanted something heavier.



This is what you end up with after 2 seams and folding. The long seams are stiched by machine. Everything else is done by hand.


Four squares sewen together.


One finished patch. The butterfly was made by my 12yo for her sister.


  1. Looks great so far'!!! I tagged you mom, come get all the details at my blog!

    Love Ya,


  2. Hi mom I taged you. come visit my blog.

    have a blessed day

    Miss Emily

  3. Wow, I remember my mom making one of these. She made it into a pin cushion. [0; That is a lot of work girl ! I am impressed with your handiwork !!!

    I pray that you get it to a point that you are happy with it.

    I got to go bead shopping yesterday in town. I am going to play with some beads for a bit today. [0=

    Blessing in Him<><


  4. Love the new blog look!!! :}

    This quilt is incredible!!! What are you talking about? I love this!!! It's going to be beautiful!!! You're quite talented!!! And I love the butterfly you daughter made. I bet her sister is going to love it!!!

    Thanks for sharing it!!!


  5. I love your new fall blog look. It makes me want to redo mine in all my spare time.

    I think your quilt looks very nice. : )

    Hope you are having a great day,


  6. My friend just showed me how to make these. I haven't made any yet, but they are so pretty.


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