Homeschool Memoirs: Homeschool Routines


Our routine is simple most days.

I get up at 530 am.

5:30 - 640 I do bible study, email, blog

640 - 7am I watch my neighbors kids and make sure they get on their school bus.

7am - 730 unload dishwasher, start  laundry, take dog out, plan dinner, finish devotions.

730 - 830 everyone else is up , breakfast , chores ect.

830 - 900 free time if chores are done.

9 - 12 School with mom

We do Bible, History, Science, Geography, Art, and Sign Language.

12 -1pm Lunch Break

1- 3 gals work on their own. Math, English, Vocabulary, Chinese or French, Lapbooks, Reading, Piano, Voice, Crafts.

 3 -5 is generally free time. We go to the park, walk the dog, ect.

Dinner varies. Most days it is at 530. I try to have all the prep done by 3 and table set ect. So the afternoon is free to be creative and peaceful. I plan easy meals M through F. The focus is to enjoy the family at meal time and not be frazzled by the prep of dinner. I am a firm believer in paper plates on days we have to be out the door right after dinner.

Our schedule is not set in stone. Some days I have to go out in the morning to work. Other days we have a fieldtrip planned. So we filp the schedule or we do it on Saturday as needed. I try to allow for creative free time for the girls to learn new things. Currently my 12 year old is learning counted cross stitch and reading up a storm. My 14 year old just likes time to be alone in her room with her music. She is learning to use her voice.

Our 17 yob works a day job and his school day starts at 4pm. He generally does one subject before dinner. Takes a long break and finishes up the rest by 8pm. It works for him and he seems to be doing fine. He spends lots of time on the guitar and is a very talented player.


  1. I love that your flexable. Can you share what you use for voice?


    Trina @ Daddy's Chick's


  2. I just LOVED reading your school plans. I seem to always glean SOMETHING from you !! This time I gleaned how you try to get dinner preped/made early so your afternoons are creative. I need to do this. Somehow I am going to have to tweak things more and make this happen for me. I just noticed with making my school scedule that it will be getting pretty crazy some October. ((sigh)) I am a mom who likes to keep a calm life. But it hasn't worked that way lately. [0;

    Blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC

    In Him<><


  3. Hi Tina. Thank you for commenting on my SL post. If you click on the button I have for SL in my right side bar, you'll see all my SL posts. I have some resources that you may enjoy.

  4. Looks like a great schedule! Thanks for sharing



  5. I get up at 5:30 as well to do my Bible reading/prayer time. It is quiet and I feel that is the best time for personal time with God. I am so not a morning person though. LOL! http://lampuntomyfeetandalightuntomypath.blogspot.com/2008/09/homeschool-memoirs-our-schedule.html

  6. I love your blog and the music!!! You're schedule looks great. I hope that one day you will get to go back to school, I do have to tell you that I miss the time I had with my children. If it wasn't the Lord's will pushing me and guiding me I would stay home. Every time I have doubts, He sends me to the right person that motivates me to continue. So that being said wait and see where the Lord leads you, you just never know where that might be. I bet it is fun for your husband and son to go to school together.

    MichielleRose~ www.knightsfairmaiden.wordpress.com

  7. Thanks for sharing. That is a good idea, having meal prep done by 3pm. I seldom do that, and things get stressful around 5pm.

    Have a great week!


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