Show and Tell Friday

This week was our first week of school. We did plenty of hands on stuff. Here is one of our science experiments on atoms and molecules.




Here are some cool photos of our gourd patch. We plan to make birdhouses out of these. They should be ready to put up to dry by the end of October.



These photos are out of focus. The ladybug larva is fasinating. They eat thousands of aphids. The ants are harvesting the aphid honey and trying to protect the aphids from the ladybug larva. Cool cycle of nature. Larva is to the extreme right middle of first photo.


  1. Your homeschool always looks like so much fun. You inspire me with all your hands on activities. : )


  2. I love the pictures!! It looks like you had a productive and educational first week of school - great job!!

    I'm squinting at the bugs and picking out what you told me to - never thought I'd squint at bug pictures. :P

    Have a lovely weekend!


  3. Cool science experiements. My kids just love hands on learning.



  4. Your hs looks sooooooooooooooo FUN !! We are going to do a science experiment today ! [0=

    I tried growing those gords before and I can't remember what happened. ((sigh)) I am going to try again NEXT year ! Thank you for inspiring me ! ((again))

    Blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC

    In Him<><


  5. O...K....I like how the water turned blue, but being a science nut, I couldn't figure out which experiment it was.

    We're hydroligized water before, but never turned water blue. Share, girl! LOL

    And thanks for commenting on the wheat post. But I couldn't figure out what you meant when you said this:

    "Tee Hee...check out the parables about the Tares in the Wheat."

    What do you mean "check out the parables..."? I know the parable by heart and sort of retold it in my post. Am I missing something here?

    I'm kind of slow first thing in the morning. :-)

  6. It sounds like you had a great first week!! I love having hands on things to do. My kids seem to reatain so much more when we do!!!

    I love the picture of the ants. Didn't God do a fascinating job of intertwining nature?!!! I'm amazed when schooling my kids how much 'I' actually learn!!

    Thanks for sharing,


  7. Great hand's on science experiment. Thanks for sharing it with us!


  8. We're studying atoms and molecules this semester, too. The boys are loving it.

    I've always wanted to try making a birdhouse out of a gourd. You'll have to do a S&T all about that when you do yours.

    Ladybugs are way cool. I'm sure it was fascinating to watch.

    Sounds like a good homeschool week.

    Have a great weekend,


  9. Hi Tina! Thank you for stopping by our blog. So you used to live in WA. It has been a fantastic week for weather here.

    Your blog is lovely and so personalized. I was telling our dd that many people personalize their blogs but I can just pick templates and ad widgets so far. Even that was an work of accomplishment.

    Your school was very hands on this week. We use Apologia also. Dd seems to like this year's book even better than last year's. Great science experiments. Your gourds are looking great and healthy. I'm sure you'll post the bird house gourds for us to see later. :)

    Dd and I have been enjoying our neighbor's garden which she shares with us since we 'share' horse manure for her to 'enhance' it with all winter. Ha!

    I look at your photo album too. You appear to have a lot of pets and some one with a clown nose. The dog sitting on the steps is funny.

    His blessings on your weekend,


  10. Hmmmm. I can't find the larva. I guess i don't know what it looks like. I'm probably looking right at it and don't know it!

    I love that garden spider in your gourd picture. Always so exciting to find those. Haven't seen one this year.


  11. OK Thanks, I see it now! so cool how you got to watch them.


  12. Like your new template mom!

    Love Ya,


  13. I cannot imagine the fires releasing the oils in poison ivy. How dangerous that would be, not just from fire!

    I love your photos! My tomato plants have those little ant-like things all over them. I have not seen the aphids. I wouldn't have even considered those ants. Is that what they are? They look so different. Do they hurt the plant? I know the aphids will, but we don't see to have those. They are certainly "alien-type" ants!


  14. Hi Tina, I'm new to your blog, having just come over from celticmom's. I saw you lived near Death Valley, and I just wanted to see what sort of a person you are, to have dwelled there and lived to tell about it. lol. And while I am here, I got some surprises! First of all, the crock-pot brownies! That recipe is definitely going in my "frequently used" file. Second, we just read about the "milkmaid" ants and the "cows" this morning, from The Story Book of Science! And third, would you please tell me where you got your fall tree graphics? Very nice!

    Glad to meet you ~



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