Show and Tell Friday




Early valentines gift from Hubby.

The sunflower tablecloth is one of my new ones made from the free fabric.

Three bags of clothes that are now too big. It was great to clean out the closet.

I paid 28 cents for this basket. I am going to make a knitting basket out of it.

My knitting buddy.


  1. Ohhhh what a treat to get a peek into your life. I loved seeing you and your knitting buddy so happy and content knitting or sleeping. And what a perfect knitting basket. Hmmmmmm that is making me think I will S&T my knitting basket next week ! And What BEAUTIFUL and SWEET collection of flowers from your hubby. [0= You are so loved !

    Blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC

    In Him<><


  2. It's funny to see your knitting buddy - my Jack Russell dog always sits on my lap, too...except when I knit. He hates it when the needles come out and generally leaves the room after giving me a look of disappointment.

  3. WAHOOOOOOOO 3 bags of clothes too big!!!! GREAT!!!!!!

    I LOVE the basket, so cute and cheap.

    Pretty kitty, I posted a pic of ours today.

    Be blessed,


  4. What beautiful flowers! I love the colors.


  5. The flowers are beautiful! So bright and cheerful!

    Have a great weekend!


  6. what beautiful flowers! and I love the basket! For some reason I love baskets-I could collect those if I had the room! I love giving them as gifts since I really try to avoid wrapping paper completely - a basket just does the trick!


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