Show and Tell Friday A Girl Has Gotta Have Shoes and More

Many of you have ask "Where are the pictures of all these fabulous thrifty finds you keep talking about?" Here they are!

The dresses. Mine needs altering to fit my changing figure. DD1 dress needs altering. ( length). Promise a photo of all of us in them before the wedding.

The gal loves red! She looks great in red.

Shoes! Shoes! and More Shoes! Now that their feet have settled on a size its fun to find a bargin. ( you can read previous post to find out just how fabulous a bagin these shoes are!) The grey ones are todays thrift store find at $2.98. DD1 says they are super comfortable. They retail for $16.00. BTW two pairs of the shoes are mine.

Here is that awesome Kate Spade purse!

And what do homeschool gals do when mom and dad are away for the day? They create! Here is an awesome art bag and brush holder made by dd2. We frequent the art museum and she needed something that fit all her supplies. All materials to make the bag were free. The chair the bag is on was also free. We got ten of them!

DD1 created this adorable bag! ( her own pattern) All the materials for this bag were free.

Last but not least...Its time for the PINK to go. Sad for this momma who spent many hours ( many years ago) painting this room out for then much younger gals. Its what they wanted 6 years or so ago! Now with both brothers moving out ( insert tears here) the gals will each have their own rooms. They are saving money for paint, new bedding, throwrugs, and curtians. DD1 has already purchased new bedding. DD2 found an adorable bedspread for 6.00 at the thrift store. ( she waited a long time for it to come down to half price! ) So stay turned in the fall for fabulous decorating updates. The dresser has been white, blue, yellow and pink. It was my oldest childs. The gals no longer want it. ( even if I change the color!)  They have a beautiful hand me down antique dresser. They also have their eyes on one of their brothers dressers. It will probably go to the attic and be used to store stuff in. Growing up is so hard.....for me.


  1. Hey, Tina...I love the bag your dd made for her art supplies! She did a terrific job...kudos! I am up to my eyeballs in craziness right now, but hopefully will get things finished in the next couple months, and can relax enough to get the creative juices flowing again :-) I have several sewing projects on the shelf that need doing...they've been there all year <blush>!

    God Bless you,

    Lori (aka plans4you)

  2. I just LOVE love love your dd's art bag. Would she share her pattern with us ??? I would love that and it would make a GREAT Nature Walk bag to draw all the fabulous nature observations. [0=

    You all are AMAZING shoppers ! Wahoo for you !!

    Also I am starting to understand what you are going through with your ds' leaving. My oldest is getting ready in the next year to fly the coop. ((sniff , sniff))

    Blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC

    In Him<><


  3. ThreeLittleLadiesMay 8, 2009 at 4:25 AM

    Your girls have some real talent. I love the bags! And ten chairs for free? How did you manage that? I could sure use a find like that! Loved reading about your girls growing up. How old are they again?


  4. Amazing thift store finds!!!! They are all great. I love Kate Spade purses~~don't have one~~but that is awesome!! And what the girls created is AWESOME!! So great!! I love the pink room, my girls would love it too. (They are much younger though) We are in the process of doing our kids rooms little by little as well. We have alotted an amount in the monthly budget. WHen we started we made a list of what they wanted with prices. Then as the months have ticked by we spend what has been set aside or save for 2 months until we get it all on our list. Although our rooms will be very different, Cars for my son, princess and pink for my girls, lol.

    Be blessed,


  5. You did a great job finding wonderful clothes and shoes. Yes, growing up is hardest on us mothers. Boo, hoo!


  6. You have some great finds there! I found a Tommy Hilfiger purse (brand new condition) for $4.99 last weekend. I was so proud of myself. : )

    Your dd did a great job on her artbag. I am impressed.

    I know what you mean about growing up being hard to do. My dd can't wait until she can go away to college. It will only be two years! Ack!



  7. What great finds! I love great bargins. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.



  8. Like the pics!

    I like wearing trainers myself, can't stand anything uncomfotable.

  9. LOVE the art bag! What a great idea. Sounds like you guys are very thrifty (shouldn't surprise me!). Enjoyed running to y'all today. I told my daughter about polkadot. God bless you!


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