Free Curriculum Via the Web "Connexions"

I found this awesome resourse!!!!! Check it out!  This is a huge resourse. The author of the site does the best job in describing what the site has to offer. I found her music Connexions fabulous!

"Connexions is a non-commercial, open-education resource for teachers and students. All materials are under a Creative Commons attribution license, and so may be freely downloaded, copied, shared, and altered. Because the content is submitted by many different educators, there is a very wide variety of subject matter and "grade level", from pre-school to university.

The Connexions commons can be searched from its home page (http://cnx.org). Or, people who are looking specifically for music education materials may find useful two modules that I have published there, "Music in Connexions: A User's Guide", and "Music in Connexions: A K-12 Teacher's Guide",  both of which explain how to use the site and how to find relevant material. Thank you for your attention and consideration."  ~ Catherine Schmidt-Jones




  1. This looks like a wonderful set up. I already found a computer programming course that we could use.

    But I can't get the site to work: no scroll bars, can't put it into favorites, etc. Does it do that for you too?


    Annie Kate

  2. blessedwith2angelsJune 21, 2009 at 9:45 AM

    This is great. I was needing some music resources for the coming year. Thanks for sharing.




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