Tightwad Tuesday

I love thrift store shopping. Sometimes it is fun just to go when you don't "need" anything. A friend gave me her "victory bucks". These are coupons valued at $5 each for my favorite thrift store. All the proceeds of this store go to help a program for alchol and drug addicion. All employees are part of the program. Its a great place to browse, visit with folks, and grow in faith if you take the time to hear a testamony. Its the cleanest thrift store I have ever been in.  Thats a bonus for me! It has the charm of a country store. You can get a glimps of the store here: http://gpbcmelanie.blogspot.com/  She is in charge of much! Does a wonderful job! You can check out the program here: http://www.victoryhomerecovery.com/ 

Back to the bucks! I often take the gals out just to spend time and browse. They save pennies and when we have enough we make a trip. They always find something cool. This past week was no acception. DD1 found a name brand purse for $3.00 ( does that surprise anyone!?). DD2 found an 1970s jewelery box that plays the theme from Love Song for $3.00. She was thrilled. Me? I found the best deal of all! I found something I was not even looking for! My out of pocket was 1.50!

2 old books dated 1903. No longer valuable as they both have much wear and tear. But cool books. A Tuscan Fields oil decanter, spoon rest,and utinsil holder, and 4 resturant grade personal augratin dishes that match my antique Hall casserole. After doing research: the tuscan fields stuff is expensive new or used so I did really well. The Hall dishes are repos but match my antique perfectly. I spent 1.50 on about 48.00 worth of merchandise. More than that I LOVE what I got and it was not a burden to the budget. ( all my thrift store cash comes out of my washer from change left in pockets!)

Here is a photo of the Tuscan Fields and Hall dishes. The salad plate is from a yard sale. I paid 25 cents for it. It is valued at $13.99.  Can you tell I love Sunflowers!!?


  1. Beautiful stuff! You're a good thrift shopper, and it's great that you're teaching your girls this skill as well.

  2. You amaze me as usual ! I love these finds. God planted a sunflower in my flower bed last year and this year I have six in the same spot. [0= I think of you when I see the little plants growing.

    Sending you blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC

    In Him<><


  3. thanks for all the great tips and I love the sunflowers

  4. Thanks for the plug! Glad you enjoy the shop. On Tuesday, Chris, the tall guy who often works there, is graduating (5:30pm at the church) as well as Edress, a guy who occasionally works at the thrift store. They'll be giving their testimonies and receiving a certificate, with refreshments to follow - it's open to the community. We have a former graduate coming on board to relieve me of some of the warehouse oversight and I hope to spend more time at the store - yay!


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