Weekly Wrap Up


From the Heart: Last week left me wanting a slower pace…well that did not seem to happen! But God is soooo good all the time.  We were blessed to be able to travel to camp ( an hour away) three times this week to see my son play in the worship band. It was a powerful time of worship, prayer and ministry.  Very awesome to see our son in his element. He is very gifted!

Spiritual Growth: Learning to depend 100 percent on the Lord is an on going process. We have put much cash into our old car this month.  A battery, new door parts ( very expensive!). While driving back from camp this week ( late at night) the alternator went out. More money out the door. Thankfully my husband knows how to fix things so we are just out parts.

We are continually blessed with free food for the food pantry. Last week we brought in 1500lbs of free meat. We are always amazed at how the Lord multiplies the budget.

 On the Homefront: Just keeping my head above water! I will have more time at home this week and plan to get major cleaning done. Working on stuff for the wedding is priority this week. Flower basket, ring pillow, alterations to dresses, hair cuts and so much more.

In the School Room: The gals worked on their math. They are almost done. We have yet to start Botany. I am thinking after the wedding we will have plenty of down time.

In the Literary Scene:  Reading?! I would love to find the time to do this! I am preparing for teaching at camp at the end of July, So did reread the lessons. ( have taught them 5 times in the past)

On the Mission Field: Our car was broke down this week so we were unable to go out this weekend.

On the creative side: Working on wedding stuff!

Tightwad Living: Well I guess doing your own car repairs counts!

In the Garden; No time in the garden, We did enjoy new blooms all week. I really need to weed the gardens.

Lifestyle Change Progress: I am below my goal weight. It seems my metabolism has changed and is working well. I am still watching what I eat but have to admit I have had my share of sweets this past week.

In the Kitchen: We BBQed a lot this week as we had steak ( free meat!). Not a well planned week as we were so in and out all the time.  



  1. Hugs, sweet friend. Great to read about you and your week. I hope all the wedding preps are going well. Congrats on the weight/lifestyle changes. That is awesome!!!! I am holding my on, still waiting on hernia surgery, so I am limited in the activities I can do. We have been busy and sick as well, finally got a post up.

    Hope you have an awesome weeek.

    Be blessed,


  2. Wow who ever said it slows down and gets easier when your kids get older ?!? LOL

    I know you are enjoying all that is going on but I know what you mean by BUSY. I am glad you got to enjoy your ds worship music leading. You also sound like you are doing very well at getting ready for the wedding. BIG hugs to you !

    Today Essie and I are going to town to do a bit of window shopping. Finally someone to do this with ! We will be stopping by the store that sells my stuff and I will be dropping off some necklaces.

    Sending you BIG ((hugs)) and blessings

    In Him<><


  3. Busy, busy, busy. But it sounds like it's all good, and that God is keeping you going. Keep trusting in Him!

    Blessings with all the work for the wedding.

    And congratulations on reaching your weight goal. That's an accomplishment.

    Annie Kate

  4. Just stopping in to say hello. Hope you have a wonderful 4th.


  5. Wow, looks like even though the week wasn't a quiet one it was interesting! And 1500 lbs of meat..free! Wow, what a blessing! I'll be praying for your vehicle woes. It does always seem that everything goes wrong at once, doesn't it?




Let me hear of your unfailing love each morning, for I am trusting you. Show me where to walk, for I give myself to you. Psalms 143:8