Weekly Wrapup


From the Heart:I was hoping that when school was over we could have a few weeks of slower paced living! It seems to be full steam ahead and I am craving some quiet time. Looking forward to a slower pace this week.

Spiritual Growth:  When you pray and ask the Lords provision be prepared to work! We have been praying for a way to stay on budget with the food pantry ministry and for a way to stretch the budget as we are seeing an increase in clients. We have also been praying for more people to be involved in the ministry. And we have been asking the Lord to help us connect more with other "pantries" so we can learn from them and do the very best that we can.

That answer came in the way of free food.The Food Bank lifted their maintenance fee and all dry goods were free of charge for the last two weeks. We made an appointment for each day and did our 30 miniutes on the floor each day. This is a physical 30 minutes! We loaded cans into boxes at a fast pace. The average weight of a loaded cart is 300lbs.

The results: Answered prayers!  8000 lbs of dry goods! Several new team members, Many new friends from around the area who also do food pantries. We were blessed with the use of two sturdy trucks. A total of 15 people helped with the process. 4 of them are staying on board to be trained in the pantry.We are ahead of our budget. We have prepared for the rain...as a farmer does when he plants seed. I can hardly wait to see the harvest! God is good!

So the two week blitz came to an end yesterday. As we are checking out at the food bank the lady mentions that next week all meat is free..... so we will be going at least two days to collect meat. Our freezers will only hold so much. What a blessing. As I said God is good!

 On the Homefront: I have been away from home much of the past two weeks. With the gals help we managed to keep the house clean and our laundry caught up. I learned I could spend a whole day cleaning and really get caught up. ( shopping at the food bank was on T - F so we cleaned on Monday only)

Really need to spend time to clean the front porch, mow the back yard, tame the tall weeds in the wild flower garden ( they are 10 ft tall, no kidding!) and tidy up the car.

In the School Room: The gals did their math and should be done next week! We will start the Botany portion of Biology this coming week. I am really excited about doing this as it is very hands on.

I am starting the lesson plans for the Anatomy and Physiology portion of Biology. I am hoping to find a creative, fun way to learn this. The book seems so dry. And it has sooooo much vocabulary.

In the Literary Scene:  Reading?! I long for time to do this! Maybe this week! I did finish my daughters Biology book.

On the Mission Field: We have been very blessed with ample water and snacks for the homeless for the summer. Always amazes me!

There has been an increase of new homeless on the streets. I am guessing we will see more and more.

On the creative side: Does stacking and organizing cans count?

Tightwad Living: Well we ate at other folks homes 2 times this week! Okay thats cheesy...

I am thankful that hubby can do his own car repairs most of the time. He spent many hours working on our van this past two weeks. He also fixed my computer. And he will be fixing the dishwasher. Repair guy wanted 125.00. The part is only 7.00.

In the Garden; Too much rain! Many weeds waiting for me. Someone topped our baby maple tree and I am very sad. I will have to pull it and plant another baby. Need to find a way to protect it.

The wildflower garden is very tall and full this year. There are some weeds that have to go. They are over 10 ft tall. They are in the dandylion family. Not sure what they are.

Lifestyle Change Progress: Eating on the run and working hard all week did not cause me to gain weight. I managed to eat healthy because I planned ahead.  ( at least for breakfast and lunch) I really got hungry while working and had to exercise self control.  

In the Kitchen: We managed a few full sit down cooked meals, some out of the fridg quick meals, ate out at a friends a few times.  Last night we had cell group at our house and had a nice sit down dinner: Pork Roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, veggies, and french bread. Lemon Cake and Sugar Cookies.

I plan to get it together this week and plan the menu. Trying to use up what we have in the freezer. Seems we have alot of pork roast! Guess I need to get creative.

Here is a photo of our living newel post. Our stair rail is very masculine as it was built by a batchlor.  ( we love it! )The newel post do not have toppers. The cats often position themselves on the post to look out the stairwell windows.



  1. I love your post ornaments ! lttn

    Wow God is really moving for your ministry ! Sometimes it is a challenge keeping up with God. [0=

    I hope you get some reflective time soon. I need some more. [0;

    Sending blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC

    In Him<><


  2. Wow! What an incredible ministry you are involved with. And God is certainly blessing it. I pray that you and the other workers will have the strength to do all that's needed and that you'll get more and more people to help with the work.

    Have a peaceful, restful Sunday!

    Annie Kate


Let me hear of your unfailing love each morning, for I am trusting you. Show me where to walk, for I give myself to you. Psalms 143:8