Growing Pains


My oldest at 3 wwks

I sit and listen as my oldest son packs all his belongings. On my desk sits a few boxes of treasures he is not sure what to do with. Rocks,test tubes, paper clip collection, a sharks tooth, a stray lego, precious drawings, his seed collection, and so much more.  A few of his treasures have found their way into his youngest sisters room where they will be cherished a few more years. As I look at the whole process of a young man packing and preparing to go off to college with his bride I am sad to lose my boy but oh so proud of the man he has become.

The cats are mourning his leaving in their own special ways. One wanders about crying…another sleeps on the table by the back door watching and waiting…and another just stays in his room.

I cannot wait to share wedding photos. It was a beautiful ceremony. Deeply dedicated to the Lord.


  1. I hope your family makes a smooth transition. I don't look forward to the day that my children go off one by one. Although I know it is a good thing in the end.



  2. How precious. What a great idea. May I ask how old your DS is? My youngest DS wants to marry next summer. I'm a little nervous about that! He will be the youngest to do so (age 19 next year! Scary!)

    I'm still reading (doing a bunch of catching up), but I'm been such a slacker on HSB and elsewhere. This summer is not the relaxing time I'd hoped. :-(

  3. Ohhh they are a BEAUTIFUL couple ! They have a real sparkle around them. I am dying to see the wedding pics. ((waiting on the edge of my seat)) You are a bit ahead of me. I will be giving the same kind of post in a year and half. I pray many blessings on your week end and I hope to see your pics of your garden soon. I need to give a 2009 video of our garden or pics. ( we will see)

    Blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC

    In Him<><


  4. Yep - I remember what that feels like!



  5. This post puts tears in my eyes. I am not ready for my boy to grow up and he is only 4. He is very handsome and she is beautiful. I wish them many blessings!!

    Be blessed,



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