Just Cats

Cats are great company, good comedians, and wonderful lounge lizards! Here are four of our five just being themselves. Abby must have been sleeping elsewhere today.



  1. CM talks about needing something to love and you guys have that down pat ! They are very cute lounge lizards at that. [0=

  2. Sorry I haven't been by to visit sooner. I have had no time at the computer for the past two weeks. Thank goodness for the prepost feature on blogger!

    Your cats are such cuties. I wish Sassie and Peeve got along like your kitties!



  3. I love cats...grew up with them, lots of them! But one kitty...Tigger...she was the ultimate sweetie-pie-kitty...she made us all sick with allergies. She was my sister's cat, and sis ended up with asthma the allergies got so bad, She still has it a bit. So she gave Tigger to my Mom...who ended up with asthma, too, and still has it a bit as well. Then they gave Tiggy-cat to me, and I got horrible allergies, too...I was worried that I'd end up asthmatic, but Tigger died (of old age...we had her a loooong time) before I got really bad. I was living on lots of Benadryl at the end, though. Scary. None of us have ever been able to have cats again, and I don't pet them unless it's just a quick scratch, and then I have to wash my hands immediately. Boo hoo! Your cats are beautiful :-) I love the way they lounge about, too!

    God Bless,

    Lori a.k.a. Plans4You


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