Tightwad Tuesday and Milestone Birthdays


Our youngest is now a teen. No more "kids" in the house. Each birthday is a milestone but none so important as becoming a teen.

As a tightwad tip: We are on a very limited income. Birthdays often come when there is literally no cash on hand. Look for ways to make the birthday special without spending what you do not have. Here is what we did:

Saved a gift card someone had given us earlier in the year for this date.

Coordinated with the other family members on the gifts. My older kids work. They can buy gifts or add to our gift to make it special. She was able to get two pair of converse shoes because her brother bought the second pair. It was buy one pair get the second half off.

Shop at the thrift store. We found her a brand new, tags still attached, purse that she loves. It cost me a dollar! She also collects Chinese style vases and boxes. We found one she loves for 25 cents.

Saved free movie tickets and meal ticket for his date.

Made our own party banner and decorations.

Made special breakfast and dinner at home.

Made our own cake. It is tradition in our house for the kids to make their own cakes. They love doing this.

Its not what you spend but how you make the day special for the birthday gal or guy.



  1. Sweet pics!!!! I hope she had a wonderful bday!!!

    Be blessed,


    Ps...I lost 5 lbs this past week.

  2. You can for sure see how special you have made her day ! You can see it in her eyes. [0= You two are such WONDERFUL parents and truly no one in their right minds can say anything different. ((HUGS))

    I loved getting to see all the treasures you found for her. [0= GOOD JOB !

    Sending you HUGE (((HUGS)))

    In Him<><


  3. That's the way to do it! It's not the money you spend that counts, but the love you give.

    Annie Kate

  4. I try to do things like that too for gifts. At work, we have WOW bucks -- you get them when someone wants to compliment you for a job well-done. Once you get 5 of them, you can trade them for gift cards. I traded mine in for a $10 gift card to the movie theater. It will be a Christmas gift for someone, but I'm not sure who. :-) And it didn't cost me anything but the effort of trying to do a really good job at work.

  5. Tina,

    Your flowers look wonderful, even as August marches on! We're a little dry here in northern IL now, but overall it's been a good summer, water-wise! This morning Nathan and I were noticing the "late summer noise" outside...it's hot, dry, and the bugs are screaming out there! Katydids, cicadas, and whatever else makes noise, they're doing it. I love it!

    God Bless, and thanks for the great photos,

    Lori (aka Plans4You)


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