Weekly Wrap Up


From the Heart: This is indeed a busy season. Purposefully planning less school, more family time and relaxing so that the joy of the season can shine through.

In the School Room: Kids were very sick all week. They managed a lot of school. ( more than I would have done!) Very proud of them.

On the Mission Field: We are blessing a poor neighborhood with a Christmas party tonight. Dinner, gifts, and compassion. Looking forward to it.

In the Literary Scene: Oh time to read.....wishful thinking this past week.

In the Kitchen: Keeping it simple! The main dish this week was chicken and rice. ( Big batch) The gals got up at 6am Friday ( they were feeling much better) and made big breakfast. This is hash, potatoes, toast, eggs, ect. They did a wonderful job! And they cleaned up!

On the Creative Side: I have enjoyed making ornaments, beading with Em and helping the gals with shrinky dinks. ( remember those!?)

Thrifty Finds: We have found wonderful new to us things at the thrift store this past week. I got a much needed tea pot ( that whistles) for 25 cents, the gals a pair of jeans for one dollar, a pair of shoes for two dollars. Yesterday we went Christmas shopping at our favorite thrift stores. ( yes we let the kids pick and find what they would like) Em found a beautiful make up dresser. She has wanted one for her art supplies ( has tons of cool divided drawers) for a very long time. The price was reasonable at ten dollars. She also found a much larger bird cage. Other gifts found cannot be mentioned untill after Christmas. Free: Several grape vine wreaths. Will be using these as gifts for next Christmas!

Leaving you this week with a photo of a blessing to us. I have always wanted a vintage upright piano. This 1905 Hobart M Cable is now sitting in our foyer! It was a gift. It has a beautiful tone and is a lovely piece of furniture. Needs a good cleaning, ivory repair ( we have all the ivory), and a tune up. I consider this my Christmas gift!

I was able to talk with the orginal owers of this piano yesterday and found it has been in their family as long as they could remember and belonged orginally to the families great grandmother. It is from Ohio.


  1. How wonderful the your dream is coming true with the piano! It will such an heirloom piece when you get it all fixed up. We went resale shopping this week for Mountain Princess. She had outgrown all her jeans and pants. We found about 7 things for her to increase her wardrobe including snow pants and a new to her Columbia coat. Snow Crystal came home with a snowboard helmet and goggles, and about 3 pieces of clothing. All for about $65. Now we are in the market for snow boots for Snow Crystal and dress shoes for Mountain Princess.

    To answer your questions. Preparing...yes and no. I did a lot of preparing back before coming here. We got out of debt. I got my physician assistant degree and practiced for 11 years. We became a homeschooling family and have been doing that for almost six years. The no part is that we don't know how to prepare further until we know what path the Lord wants us to take. We want to know this before we start fund raising. We don't want to fundraise for one thing and then have to turn around and tell our supporters that we will be doing something else. Know what I mean?

    Regarding my license, it is my physician assistant license that is up for renewal. I have done all my recertification requirements (continuing medical education and retaking my every six year boards) this year, so I'm good for that. They gave me 180 days in October to find another physician to supervise me or my license would go inactive. Now they told me my license is going to expire January 31 anyway, so I don't see the sense in paying the big bucks to renew it if I can't work here anyway. That is another story. We're praying about moving to Alaska (don't mention this on my blog, anyone who reads this). We are ready to prepare, fund raise, start working on my license there, etc, but we need the go-ahead from God first.

    As for the cigar-box guitars and dulcimers, my husband is getting pretty good at these. He's made two now and they both sound great. He would like to find a market for them, and would probably be willing to make one for someone, if requested.

    I'll look into those craft menorah links. Thanks. What do you all do for Hannukah?

    I guess my post here is long enough!


  2. Are you doing the Biblical Survey class by Cindy Zeigler? How are you liking it?

  3. What a wonderful gift! It is beautiful. May He bless you with many enjoyable days of enjoying this beautiful vintage piano.


  4. Tina, I mentioned you/linked to you on my blog today.



Let me hear of your unfailing love each morning, for I am trusting you. Show me where to walk, for I give myself to you. Psalms 143:8