Thursday Talk'in About Teens

This post is about gals being gals! When the girls were little we would often go to the shoe store just to try on shoes and walk in them. You know the fancy high heel ones with all the glitz.

Now we go to the store and try on clothes,,,just for fun. The other day we were at one of our favorite thrift stores and the gals wanted to try on the beautiful array of brides maids and formal gowns they had. It was a lot of giggling and just plain fun. They found one they both fit in and they both loved. It was a bit pricy so we put it back.

I just could not get the dress off my mind. It was lovely! So next day I took hubby with me and we got the dress just because.

While we were there hubby spied a treasure. This is something our youngest daughter has been looking for for a very long time. I also have been on the lookout for one for each of my gals.

Isn't it a beauty? Hubby ask the clerk if she could possibly give us a better price and she said yes! We got 25.00 off the price!

The chest is a 1945 model which sold for $49.00 brand new.  Its in good condition. Needs some veneer repair. We are told this is a simple repair. The inside is in excellent condition.

Here are some 1945 adds with Shirley Temple and this model of Lane Cedar Chest. Arn't they fun!

And this is what gals do with it!

So whats all this have to do with teens...well just go out and be silly with them. Do something that they want to do. Follow your heart and enjoy. They will not bore you or disappoint you! It will be a good time and you will indeed learn some wonderful things about your teens.


  1. What a wonderful thing you and dh did!!! And that's a beautiful dress :-)

    Anytime we invest in our teens...be it in time or money, or both, as you two did...we make that spiritual deposit in their emotional bank account that makes them KNOW they are loved and their hearts are safe with us. That keeps them coming to us when they need help or encouragement or advice in other areas. What a great story! And yes, I loved the Shirley Temple ads! Were they in the trunk, or did you scour the internet looking for that hope chest? How fun!



  2. How much fun is that? Good job on finding the cedar chest. My daughter has one also that she will inherit someday. It is so much fun to go hang out with teens, isn't it? They do the funniest things. : )

  3. How sweet and special. I love my girlies. How special girls are......the sparklier the better, huh? My girls are both girly girls and would love just trying on things. It reminded me of me taking my sis to look for a prom dress. I was around 27 and she was 17. (we are now 36 and 26) We had such a good time. Giggling and laughing all the time. We found the "one".......she later took mom or dad to purchase it, and had to have it cause we had picked it out. Special times!!!!! I love that you went back to get the dress for the girls just because.....that is awesome. The chest is just beautiful!!!! And the dress is gorgeous. THe color is perfect for your girls and their beautiful skin. LOVED THIS POST!!!!!!!

    Be blessed,


  4. Oh, what a lot of fun your family had. I'm sure the girls will never forget that! Thanks for the reminder just to do things together.

    Annie Kate

  5. That was a very fun post to read. And you're right -- it really is fun just to do that kind of stuff once in a while with them.

    Though I am much larger than my dd, I came home to find her going through my closet. She found some clothes that I'd been holding on to, "just in case." They actually fit her! She sure had fun raiding my closet!

  6. I couldn't believe the picture - I have that same chest! It was my Mother's. I believe she got it for her 18th birthday which would have been 1947.

    Janet W



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