Weekly Wrap Up

A change in the way I blog. I enjoy blogging and spending time with my kinderd hearts very much,  However I will be posting only once a week for a while as I need to redeem my time wisely.So I will be using the weekly wrap up as my weekly post for all: TWT, WLW, TATT, and WWU. ( except for give a ways!) I will still visit and chat.

From the Heart I am learning that my time is Gods time....the more I give to him the more He multiplies my day. I have spend a great deal of time in his word this week and really feel refreshed in my spirit

Around the House: MUD. Lots of rain thus lots of mud. Grass is growing and yard is screaming for attention! I have been more diligent about mopping the floor every night....its white, What was I thinking when I picked that color? It is sooo hard to keep clean.  Cleaned out a closet. 4 large bags of trash adn 2 bags to go to the thrift store. I found many "lost" items in that closet!

In the School Room: DD 1 is trying hard to catch up on school as she missed three days last week due to illness. DD2 is trying to do as much as she is able but has a sprained right thumb...thus writing is not happening. Ordered 2 Much Ado About Nothing books and Cliff Notes ( for me). We hope to see the play as well as the movie too. Since we discovered two classics at the thrift store I am sure we will work them into our literature as well.  Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights. Since the gals have seen the movies reading the book may be easier. Both girls are excelling in their music this year. They spend hours just playing for the joy of it. We are working our way through Anatomy ( currently on the nervous system). Nearing the end of World War 2 and while one is talking to us in french the other tickles our ears with Chinese. They both seem more adept at talking with their hands this year ( year 2 in sign language). However DD2 found doing sign langange with a sprained thumb nearly impossible!

Mom Learning this week: Instead of On the Bookshelve....  ( because I am always learning) I read all of  Rick Warren's The Purpose of Christmas and really enjoyed it. Took several pages of notes. I especally enjoyed the section on reconciliation. This is not a book about Christmas...Its a book about our deepest needs and how Jesus met those needs when he became incarnate. It is a timeless book to be read over and over. The Purpose of ChristmasI also reading Entering The Presence of God by Derek Prince. This is a very good book about  fellowshipping with God and being in his presence.This book is packed with scripture and meaty.Entering the Presence of God: Moving Beyond Praise & Thanksgiving to True Worship, Derek Prince (Paperback)  I am enjoying studying each page.

AND Have you ever got a book because it was highly recommended, by a great christian author and been very disappointed? Not liked the content? Found it  distasteful? This is the way I felt about Not Easily Broken by T.D. Jakes. So much like a soap opera...so worldly with a bit of christianity sprinkled in. Of course everything came out in the end but I certianly do not want to see the movie after reading the book. NOT a family topic and not something I normally read about. This book will not be one of my give a ways!!!

Weight Loss Wednesday ( with Chasity) I am down two pounds this week....don't know why as I certianly did nothing to deserve it! Plan this coming week to record every bite and get moving outside.

In the Kitchen 

Strange week...just could not get the menu plan together. I am planning today ( sunday) for next week and hope to spend more quality time preparing meals this coming week.

MacDonalds ( once in a while it actually taste good!),

BBQ Wings, winter squash, scallop potatoes, salad

Steak Fajetas and all the fixings

Pulled Pork ( finally used up the last of the roast that we purchased at a astoundingly low price last year!). We love pulled pork for its versitility. We serve it on buns, serve it plain, serve it on noodles. The pork roast we buy is very very lean. We buy in bulk and cut into meal portions and freeze.

Leftovers ( always!) Twice

Baked Chicken Wings

On the Creative Side; Working on crochet squares for a lap blanket. DD wants to make a dress. She found a pattern at the thrift store from the 80s that she loves. Been a long time since I have sewed any clothing. So the plan is to make the pattern out of an old sheet first before I attemp to let her learn along side me! Its the zipper...Oh how I hate zippers!

On the Thrifty Side: Oh I wish I could post photos! We are staying away from that at the moment due to problems with the firewall.I feel so blessed this week!

DD 2 is an avid reader. Hard to keep her in books! When we found out our favorite thift store had new assortment of books we gathered our change and off we went. I found a bathroom rug for a buck ( new). DD found 4 books. Then we went next door to the "yard sale" that this thrift store has...its awesome!  We had a free spree! A little background on our free trip.... A friend gave the girls a bag of teen clothes. In the bottom of the bag was a five dollar coupon to our favorite thrift store. Well $5.00 at this store is pure gold! You can stuff a trash bag ( not a grocery bag) for $5.00!!!! And stuff we did!  We found a treasure trove of books ( 16 )  and christmas items. Two of the books are Wagners Ring of the Nibelung Four Books of the Opera and The Story of A Hundred Operas. Very cool old books!  I also found a nice old cut glass serving dish, christmas mugs, ornaments ( which I plan to use as package decorations), and pretty gift boxes. A 1953 Scrabble game that looks as if no one ever took it off the shelve and a checkes board.

Went to a Habitat for Humanity thrift store ( first time ever!) with a friend yesterday. Very cool place.  I thought they only sold building materials! Boy was I wrong...they have everything! They had all kinds of sales going on and it was somewhat confusing. But I walked out with 6 books and 10 sets of knitting needles for $4.12 cents. Brand new the knitting needles would have cost $44.58. ( I am currently borrowing a set from a friend so this find is a blessing!) While there we spun the wheel for Chic Fli A promotion and won a sandwich and a drink! DD2 found a pair of converse hightops. She was a happy camper.

Christmas and Birthday Boxes; gift boxes and ornament package decorations.

Goals for Next Week: More cleaning. Work on dress with DD2. Finish current book.


  1. Sounds like a completly awesome week. Congrats on the weightloss, I have not even stepped on the scale. Prob won't, monthly visitor this week, no need to see the scale then. Also all those finds sound WONDERFUL!!!!!!!! I bought some fabric this week, so I will be sewing soon. You can appreciate it....I got the material and pattern for $8 at hobby lobby for skirts for the girls easter dress. The material was $7 a yard, but on sale.....so I got 2 1/2 yards for $4 and some change. Then I got them premade tops to match for $6. $14 total for Easter clothes for 2 girls.

    I love the all in one post to make your time better for you. That is why I normally only get 1 post a week. I always want to post more, but I do WLW cause I host. THen I do not seem to find the time for much else. Maybe, I just add stuff to it. I usually do have other stuff in that post, but maybe I can add some more stuff. Like homeschool stuff. I have always found it funny that this is HOMESCHOOLBLOGGER and I almost never blog on homeschooling, heehe. Maybe for a season, I will do a combine post as well.

    Hope you have a great week.

    Love you,


  2. Here I came to add to my comment and then I saw that I didn't leave one. GASP!!! I am sorry. I have been thinking a lot of what you were saying about redeeming your time. I have been feeling convicted of this. I have to find my balance in this and I will have to have a priority list of things to get done first and a time limit for me. Thank you for sharing your heart on this. You all sound like you have great things happening. How are the newly weds doing ???

    Blessings and ((HUGS))

    In Him<><


  3. Wow - what an impressive week! You do seem to be spending your time every so wisely! And your children, too! How blessed you are that they play their music for the sheer love of it, by the hour!!!! And when their not playing music, their reading books. How awesome.

    You sure are reading a ton of books yourself - and finding time to crochet, too. Teaching, getting out to thrift stores - you really have a handle on getting the most out of your time!


  4. I don't blame you for posting once a week. My life has been so complicated lately that I often find it is difficult to post too.

    It sounds like you had an awesome week with your thrift store finds. My daughter will not shop at thrift stores anymore. She has to do without!

  5. I'm not too surprised at your summation of the book by TD Jakes. When I heard he was a supporter of Obama, I lost a lot of respect for him. So what if Obama is black? Do we compromise our godly principals and what we have "preached" just so we can say we now have a black president? Not in my book! And I don't care that I am not politically correct in my thinking. I care more about being "Biblically correct." :-)


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