Vintage Tightwad Tuesday

I am following Marys lead and posting an old TWT! This is my very first TWT with Mary. Its from May of 2008. 


This may seem odd for a Tightwad topic but we make garbage cans full of good rich soil each year this way. We have an open compost pile in a wood frame bin and a trash can compost bin. Both are homemade. We toss any biodegradeable item in these bins. ( this includes shredded paper, any non fat kitchen waste, bunny droppings, lawn clippings, leaves, and wood chips from the wood pile) Top with thin layers of grass and leaves from time to time and stir once a week. We end up with really rich beautiful soil made from stuff that would have gone to the landfill.



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  1. That is a great tip.

    I need to start pulling from the archives once a month too. Thus far, I haven't needed to do so since I've had new tips, but I'm getting low on tips.

  2. YEAH Tina and family !!

    Ohhh this save soooooooooo much money in soooooo many ways and prevents sooooooooo much land fill.

    I love bringing things out of the archives b/c if it isn't a new tip it is a GREAT reminder to do it . [0=

    Sending you BIG blessings and ((HUGS))

    In Him<><


  3. We have a huge compost pile out back, but using a garbage can is great for those in the city.

    It's top-quality dirt you've got there, and should make your flower beds so beautiful!

    I hope you enjoy your bloggy holiday and have a happy, refreshing, outdoorsy time.


    Annie Kate


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