Weekly Wrap Up

From the Heart Format Change...Saw another HSB who does her WWUs this way and I liked it. So I am going to give it a try.

Monday: Rain! Made for picking up food very messy. We had a full day at home! This is always a blessing. We were tired from our weekend trip, had tons of laundry and needed to tidy up the house. The gals got a half day of school in and time to rest. We started our study of Much Ado About Nothing. A geography, history lesson of sorts.We mapped the locations of Shakespeares home and the setting of Much Ado About Nothing. Spent much time looking at the beautiful country and city scapes of Messina Italy! We looked at the dress for that period. ( thank goodness we do not have to wear all that!), art of the English Reinassance, and some music of that period. We also read a short Bio on Shakespeare. We will be doing Shakespeare three days each week.

We had a mixed dinner on Monday. Sloppy Joes and Mexican Meat. Some of my crew do not like Sloppy Joes...so I divide the meat and make half one and half the other. It all gets eaten!

I finished The Christmas Swap. Worldly but a warm feel good story with lots to think about. Started A Woman and Her God by Beth Moore and more...   http://www.christianbook.com/a-woman-and-her-god-paperback/beth-moore/9781591452041/pd/45204X  This book is written by women for a womans heart. I am so enjoying this book and highly recommend it.

Tuesday: Lots and Lots of rain again! We gave our Areostar to a new family. They were greatful as they do not have a car. School was a full day. In Much Ado About Nothing we covered 76 lines. Each of us took a part and we read it outloud. As we go through the book there is vocabulary. This is very helpful. Here are some examples of vocabulary:( bold is from the play) study  library: taker one who catches it: ere a be before he is: marks takes any notice of: holp helped: wits parts of the mind. We are also using a book series called No Fear Shakespear. Highly recommend this. Shakespeare on one side and plain english on the other. Here is a link for the book. You can view quite a few pages. http://nfs.sparknotes.com/

At Tuesday Night Church we did the Resurrection Eggs Story and the kids dyed easter eggs. The kits were awesome! No mess. The dye went into trays ( already prepared) and the kids sponged the dye on with these sticks with a sponge attached. Very little mess and with 25 kids thats amazing!

Dinner was simple. Hamburgers and Hotdogs with all the fixings.

Wednesday: Beautiful sunshiny day!!!!!! Spent some time in the garden. Full day of school. We have found we need to back up in Math with one of the gals. Sure wish I could make it easy! Shopped the food bank today. Pantry tonight. So got some exercise lifting and stocking cans! A girls gotta add it in somewhere! Pantry distribution was busy. Lots of new folks. Many have never been in a position to need help before so it is very humbling.

Dinner: Raviolis, greenbeans, toasted sourdough.

Thursday: Up and out the door very early for daughters OT appointment. She only has one more! The thearpy is very cool. She squeezes different strengths of putty and pulls it and all kinds of stuff to strengthen her thumb. She also uses different tension clips. strings beads, and picks up small beads with tweezers. Its been a really good experience. We had food pick up and food pantry today. Slow day so I got to catch up on reading.  We were away from home so getting school done today has been a challege. We have had to put some new guidelines in place to insure good study habits, work done in a timely fashion , and a check system to ensure work is being completed correctly each day. Seems spring fever is causing rushed, poorly done or not done at all work. Because homeschool is also homelife interruptions are part of learning the balance. For some this is easy for others very difficult. We are once again walking through this but it feels like the very first time! Oh how I long for an easy button. To always be the nice guy!

Mowed the hay field....lawn. Okay it sorta looks like we could harvest it. With all the rain we have had it is very tall.

Dinner: BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches and Potatoe Salad.

Friday: Out the door before anyone is up to clean a home for an elderly gentleman. His 20 something cat is very ill. Last year he had to put down another aged cat. This will not be easy.

I stopped at a thrift store on the way home in hopes of findind DD a unique birthday gift. No gift  But I did find a more modest dress for her to wear to a homeschool prom she has been invited to. Its beautiful! It only cost me $9.99! Its value new is $229.00. Speaking of prom....Oh my goodness when did these ladies grow up? This is a very well chaperoned christian event taking place in a beautiful opera house.

I did a cleaning blitz...all the animals are shedding and I had not really done the house since Monday. Spent time reading, grading papers and started going through spring/summer clothes. I hope to finish my clothes switch over the weekend. So much to put away and reorganize.

The gals had to babysit for the first good friday service at our church ( there was an adult version and a kids version at the first service). So hubby and I went on a date then came back for the second service. It was nice to go out by ourselves. The good friday service was fabulous. A mix of The Passion and music written by our worship/ youth pastor. The atmosphere was dark and it was somber. A very unique presentation of the stages of the cross. If you have never heard of the stations of the cross you can learn about it here: http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/15569a.htm

Dinner for the Kids was simple: Fajita Wings, fresh noodles with sauce.

Saturday:The gals and I had a girls day. We started by going to our favorite thrift stores. Found amazing deals! 3 shirts, 2 skirts, an old book, a laura ashley vase, (gift for dd), a pattern, 10 bunches of silk flowers, interfacing, a set of curtains, for 7 dollars.  Then we went to lunch at a mom and pop diner. Once home we all cleaned out our closets, trying on lots of clothes, swapping some, getting rid of lots. I was amazed at how many clothes I had! Since loosing weight I had been collecting clothes in smaller sizes. It was nice to clean out my wardrobe and put together outfits that fit nicely. All the winter stuff is now put up ( and lets just hope we do not get a late winter storm like the pacific northwest did!). I am really glad I was able to finish the task. We then did nails and such in prep for Easter Sunday.

Dinner was Sesame Chicken and rice.

Sunday! Happy Easter. . Hope each of you has a wonderful Easter!

On the Missions field: The young man who we have been assisting in his journey to get off the street is now working, though still living on the streets. He is showing up for work each day. It is no easy feat for him to get to work as the rapid transit in our area is aweful! Takes him over an hour to go about a 10 minute drive. But he is glad to have the job. 



  1. I love mom and dd dates! DD and I always enjoy doing special things together. I just wish we could do them more often.

  2. I pray that you had a blessed Easter. I love the new format. It is neat to get a daily look into your life. Great deals this week for you, congrats!! It has been extra busy this week....I may have to borrow your format, just to remember what I did this week, haha, Hope you have a great week.


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