School is Always in Session

I am always amazed at the learning that takes place unplanned.

This weekend my youngest daughter took great interest in helping her dad replace the brake pads on our Suburban. She actually enjoyed the whole process and learned a ton.

I found an old recipe box ( 52 years old) at the thrift store. It was full of really cool rocks, amber, trilobites, plant fossils, and arrowheads! That sparked quite a conversation.

DD1 is learning to drive. She has had time with both the Suburban and the smaller car. She insist the Suburban is easier to drive and that I really need to learn...she is right! I have put off getting behind the wheel of the suburban since we got it. It intimidates me! Its huge!

I have spent a great deal of time learning how to work with Wordpress. Thankful for my many friends here who have given tid bits of information and support!

I also learned that one does not have to love every book they read...though I did finish the book! I finished it because it was part of a free offer through Booksneeze. I will do a review on it shortly.


  1. Hey, I love the flowers you have up top. I agree, learning never stops. We went to our favorite thrift store too. Found some Sunday clothes for two of my kiddos. I look forward to your book review. I did not enjoy the first one I read, but the last two have been keepers. Have a nice rest of your weekend

  2. Such pretty lilacs (in your header!)...

    How cool that dd is learning some auto mechanics stuff! What a useful, lifelong skill. Wish I knew something about repairing a car!

    Wordpress is coming along here, I'm learning bit by bit. Cannot wait to get html control back!

    Lori at Plans4You
    Home of "Thursday Talkin' About Teenagers" (TTAT)

  3. The lilacs are from my own bush. It was a dying plant headed to the trash and rescued. Now three years old it blooms for me twice a year in this zone. Lilacs bring back fond memories of childhood. Love the smell!
    DD 2 loves getting her hands dirty and really enjoyed the hands on of taking the break pads off and putting the new ones on. DH also taught her how to put the tire back on. Oh how I wish DD! would at least entertain the idea of learning the basics!

  4. Love thrift stores and yard sales!
    I am going to try to do the book review today...I have never done one before! And the fact that this book is so not my favorite makes it really hard.

  5. This is my favorite kind of learning! Really liked your post on waiting, too. Thanks. Holly


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