Three Decades

My husband and I have been married three whole decades as of May 31st. We celebrated with a favorite half homecooked half chinese take out meal ( ribs and our favorite fried rice). I was blessed to receive a beautiful bunch of flowers, a bluebird stained glass window hanger ( symbolic of our wedding day) and the dishes mentioned in a previous post. We also found a lovely older table to replace our giant 8 ft table.

So what does three decades of marriage feel like? Comfy. Like your favorite blanket. ( best friend). You have been through enough ups and downs to know you can make it through anything together.

The Flowers.

The Newlyweds :)

The Table: This table has a story. We have been looking and looking and looking for a smaller table. Our wonderful table is just toooooo big for the space. Its been that way since we moved into this house but why spend money on something you already have? This past week one of our favorite thrift stores ( we have lots of favorites!) was having a store wide sale. A table that has been there forever as a display table had a tag on it and not just any tag but a 1/2 off tag. PLUS 25 percent off on top of that! We walked out of the store with a perfect sized table for 33.00!!!!!! In the photo you cannot see the beautiful legs or the wonderful finish. It seats 8 with the drop leaf. The style is Queen Anne double pedistal with a mahogany finish. The cool thing is we can now walk around the table and get to the sideboard shelves without having to crawl under the table. All of my table clothes are toooooo big. Looks like a summer project!


  1. I am sooooooooooo happy for you !!! Congrats to you and your sweetie ! Wahoo !!!!!!!!! 30 years !!! This Nov. 3rd Handsome and I will celebrate 20 yrs. I LOVE love love how you discribed what 30 yrs feel like....comfy. Ohhh that is a wonderful discription. I couldn't have said it better myself. [0=

    Ohhh and I love your frugal find. What a blessing and what a price. ((happy dance)) for you. ((HUGS))

    Blessings and ((HUGS))
    In Him<

  2. Congrats to you and dh. And GREAT find on the table! That is awesome!

  3. Happy belated 30th anniversary! You know I love thrift store finds. And your dd's dress is awesome. Makes me want to go shopping.

  4. Happy 30th Anniversary, Tina!!! Loved this post...now you need to scan in one of your wedding pics so we can see you two as puppies...

    Great table, too...and what a bargain!

    Congrats on both :-)


  5. Thanks Jenn!
    Our best bargins are found when we arn't looking for anything at all. Just happend into the store that day and did not know of the sales ect.

  6. Happy belated Anniversay!!! 30 years, so awesome!!!!!!
    Also LOVE the table, such a deal.

  7. Happy Belated Anniversary!!!!! 30 years, how wonderful!!!!
    LOVE the table!!!

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