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This is a vintage post. A Weblink Wednesday post ( that was an awesome meme!) With the end of one school year in site I am looking ahead to finish up planning for the fall. This site is a great resource for history reading books and crafts. Check it out!

My link for the Week


From the author of the site:


A Book In Time first began years ago when I wanted my students to read some good history books along with our textbook, but I was unpleasantly surprised at what a challenge it was to find them. The only history booklists available featured every title in print, and sifting through it all to choose one or two of the better ones was a chore. Some booklists featured great books in general, but required a detailed search through every title and description to find a selection based on history AND set in the right time period. But I combed these lists, and the search was on!

As I found great books, I made a note of each of them, and slowly my notes began to take shape into the booklist that it is today. A Book In Time is published here in order to direct you to the best books based on major historical people and events found in a typical school history study. Because I am a homeschooling mom, I have had the opportunity to teach almost all grades and almost the entire scope of history, resulting in a comprehensive selection. Since I am still teaching history both at home and at a large homeschool Co-op, the search for great new titles continues, and the list is still growing.

With the additional listings of Interactive Links, Crafts, Timelines, and Maps along with the books, you can create a history adventure that your students will love. It can be confusing to make all these options work together, but help is available here for that as well! I walk you through every step of the way in my eBook, How to Create Your Own History Curriculum . Learn how to coordinate the best projects and activities with your textbook, and turn history into your favorite part of the day.

This website is a continual work in progress, and the best way to keep up with all the latest finds is to subscribe to our newsletter (see below to sign up!). Please feel free to send me your comments and suggestions, and any great book or internet resource to share with everyone!

Carol Henderson

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  1. Thanks for the link. It looks awesome. We will be studying the ancients next year and I am excited to get into that time period.


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