Weekly Wrap Up

This was a week of learning. Learning how to make it through the end of each busy day when you are bone weary. Learning how to multiply the hours in the day when there were not enough. Learning to holdfast to the goal in the midst of earthly business. Sometimes even church business and or ministry business can be too busy. Thankful for a day of rest on Saturday!

Our school is nearly done. We can see the light at the end of the books! I love this time of year because we can get outside and get back to learning as we go. This week we walked the railroad tracks with wildflower book in hand. We discovered it is really hard to use a book that is black and white! And all the names are in Latin! We are so spoiled by our beautiful color manuals and the internet. The book we are currently using is Fieldbook of American Wild Flowers by F. Schuyler Mathews. It is a reprint of the 1902 orginal. Lovely drawings and descriptions. We usually come home and look the flower up on the internet by its color! This weeks finds: Hop Clover, Yellow Monkey Flower , Henbit, Queenannes Lace, Cinquefoil, Wild Strawberry, Purple Clover, White Clover, Purple Ground Ivy, Self Heal.

Dd1 will be attending her first prom this coming week. She has a beautiful dress ( thrifty find of course). This weekend she shopped with a friend to find the perfect shoes, jewerly, and hair accessories. She did a great job.

We found a great beginner guitar for dd2 this weekend at a thrift store. Its a nice older 3/4 model. We have been looking for a long time and it was great to finally find one. Now we will have melodies coming from all three bedrooms. Joy to my ears!

Spent many hours in the garden. I am working on relocating wildflowers and bulbs to another area. Trying to keep it simple and use what I already have.

I started Reading Through the Bible in 90 Days. I am really enjoying this! I find it very difficult to read that many pages due to vision issues so I found a way to listen to the bible. Its amazing! I listen a little over an hour each day and crochet while listening. Very relaxing. I am using this site to set up my 90 day program. http://www.biblereadthrough.com/ You can design your own program and it takes you to Biblegateway. Once there you can choose to read it or listen to it. It keeps track of what you read or listen to. Our church will start the Read Through the Bible in 90 Days in June but I wanted to get a jump start as I am going to be gone most of August. I think it will be amazing if I actually accomplish this goal.

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  1. I've been hearing them talk on the local Christian radio station about reading the bible in 90 days. That is quite an accomplishment to do. (And one I don't feel up to tackling at this busy point in my life.) But I am trying to do better at reading something every day, and finding something in that portion that is meat on which to chew.


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