How Clean Is Your Waterway?

We live in a costal waterway...an hour from the ocean with many rivers that feed the Chesapeake Bay. My daughter and I enjoyed observing the wildlife on the shore of the river that is walking distance from our home. For years we have known of the pollution. But it really hits home when you read a sign on a fishing dock that warns you not to eat the fish or crabs because of PCPs, Mercury, and Dioxin contamination. To the untrained eye these waterways are pristine and a place to relax and enjoy the bounty within. Many families have been eating the fish and crabs from these waters for years. For some its a staple. Sadly many folks were fishing and crabbing and ignoring the warning.

We came home to learn what we could about the chemicals. We printed out a map that shows what chemicals are most prominate in the water ways and were shocked!!!!! You can view the map and info here ( I could not download the maps) http://www.vdh.virginia.gov/Epidemiology/dee/PublicHealthToxicology/Advisories/JamesRiver.htm

I am sure you can find similar maps of your state. Might be worth a look!


  1. It's so sad. Thanks. I will take a look at Indiana. I am sure your area of the country is very beautiful though. Would love to see it. Grace is planning a trip to Colonial Williamsburg one day. I hope we can do that.

  2. Oh Grace would love love love Williamsburg. Its amazing. ( lots of $$$ though). They have a homeschool day each year for a fraction of the cost.

  3. I think we would all be shocked if we knew what was in a lot of the food we eat.

  4. Yes this is true..but there are signs posted warning people not to eat the fish and stuff and they still do it!!!!! IF you know its dangerous and still do it that just does not make sense.

  5. It is sad.........all the chemicals. I lived on the gulf coast 4 years ago....and am only 3 hours from them now (will be even closer in Orlando)....our waterways are of course full of oil right now. It is the income source for many down there.


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