Planning Planning Planning

Thought I'd come up for air from lesson planning. I am enjoying the process of getting ready for school and looking forward to the fall. I guess there is comfort is routine.

I have nearly half of all the lessons done. I like to do the whole year so this takes some time. It gives me room for life during the school year. I at least have a skeleton to follow and a path. My goal is to get it all done by the time I leave to visit my sister next week. I wanted to share a site that I use for forms and planners. http://donnayoung.org/forms/planners/planner.htm I have been using Donnas site for years. She keeps it up to date and her forms save me hours!
We do not follow a curriculum in the normal sense. I tend to use books as a spine and a roadmap. I love using CM style teaching and learning for Science, History, Art and Music as well as delight directed learning and hobbies. The library is my best source of books.
We use Saxon and Math U See as math curriculums. My english curriculm is ancient but I love it. Found it in a dumpster 12 or so years ago and have been using it every since. Its a full highschool set for a public school. Its very good and has served us well. My kids all test well in English when exiting highschool...so no need for something new and expensive.

I like to use wordly wise for vocabulary. We also do vocabulary or spelling notebooks. This is where they put any word they do not understand or did not spell correctly. They look it up and practice spelling ect. Wordly Wise has a web page that goes with their books. This is great for helping to pronounce the words correctly. http://wordlywise3000.com/

This year the gals will be participating in an enrichment school for a few of their classes. Worldview is a wonderful class that teaches how to stand in your faith among all the religions of the world. Its as much a debate class as a history class. So participating with other students is a must. The oldest wanted to do her math with a "math teacher" this year ( no complaints here). And they are both taking guitar lessons. The youngest is seeing her dream and beginning her studies in the China culture.
So here is what their year looks like....( of course we are flexible and will change things up if something is not a good fit)

Naomi 11th grade
Bible: Personal Devotion
English: (Grammar, Vocabulary , Creative Writing)
Finish Biology, Start Chemistry
Stewardship ( Business Math)
Sign Language yr 3
Finish Drivers Ed
Work Experience
Delight learning: Continue to pursue drafting interest, crafting, and decorating.

Emily 9th gr
Bible Personal Devotion
English: (Grammar, Vocabulary , Creative Writing)
Finish Biology. Start science of choice ( astronomy, earth, ect. She is ahead in this area)
Finish Alg 1/2 Start Alg 1
World History ( she wants to do Renaissance)
Sign Language yr 3
Chinese Art
Delight learning: continue to pursue art, collecting vintage, and reading.

Off to finish my planning. Only three classes left!!!!


  1. It sounds like you have a great year set up. I like planning it all out too. As long as I remember to stay flexiable and not stress if we have to slow down. Your kids must be really good at sign language with two years under their belts. We are just starting sign language.

  2. You always amaze me. I got the books but I need to get down on paper. I bookmarked Donna's site and will definately look at it, thanks.

    What I hoped ( but didn't really expect) to have as a get away and a time to rest didn't end up really restful. Extended family dynamics drain me. Now, I am home and having a falling out day.

    Blessings and ((HUGS))
    In Him<><

  3. Wow, how you can plan everything out! I love your approach though. Maybe sometime in the future when I have more energy I can try to go more CM-ish again, but for now all that narration is just a bit too much for me.

    It looks like you'll be having a great school year.

    Annie Kate

  4. Tina, your new blog looks lovely.

    And doesn't it make you feel good to be making such good progress in planning out your school year? Good job!


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