Weekly Wrap Up

Happy Fall to everyone!!!! When I was in Minnesota I saw crab trees everywhere. The fruit is so beautiful and folks up there make jelly and syrup out of it.

In Our School

I needed some time for transition as we are now part of an enrichment school as well as school at home before I could actually share anything. The first few weeks were crazy!

Naomi ( 11th grade) is taking Worldview, Geometry and Guitar at enrichment. Emily ( 9th grade ) is taking Chinese, Chinese Art, and Guitar at enrichment.

These classes are on Tuesday and Thursdays. This leaves us M W and F to do all the other school work. We are finding that Naomi has to do homework 7 days a week to keep up with her enrichment classes. I am grateful that she is being challenged. This will prepare her for college! Emily is fine with the trasition and is enjoying every moment of the experience. She of course has easier courses ( with the exception of Chinese). Emily has a fabulous Chinese teacher. We went to a chinese festival this weekend. ( extra credit for class). I love the way this teacher not only teaches the language but also teaches about the culture.

I am so glad I took the time over the summer to get all the lesson plans done for the entire school year. This was hard work but now I can see it was so worth every hour. Our fall had become so full. This is just one less thing to be concerned with and it means I am available to assist the gals, do my work around the house and be less stressed.

At home we have shifted the schedule so that they have longer hours on M W and F. Up a bit earlier and school till 4 ish. There are also other activites to fit into the mix. Fitting in all of school, church responsiblities, social time and just time to chill has been (and still is ) a challenge. I am so thankful the Lord gave us a second car this year! Makes all of this easier.

Around our Home

I have been weeding and weeding and weeding. Things sorta got out of hand this summer. So I am working on a small section every day. Its hard work but I do enjoy being outside alone with the Lord. Good quiet time!

I have cleaned deeply many of the parts of the house. But it is never ending. Currently working on closets and getting out winter items and blankets. We have a bible study at our home every other week so this keeps me cleaning! Love having the bible study. Last week we had 21 people here. It was a blessed time in the Lord.

Naomi has developed an allergy to blue dye #1. There is no test for this and the doctor was not helpful! She is suppose to just keep an eye on what she eats and keep benadry with her at all times. Do you know how many things have blue dye in them?! Its really amazing! Even the cough drop she had this am caused her to swell up.

In the Kitchen

I am back to menu planning on the weekends. This is such a time saver! I encourage you to do this. It also saves money because to tend to use what you have when you plan ahead. I have dusted off the crock pots and made space for them! Please share your tried and true crockpot recipes! I am also baking more. Quick breads and cookies mostly. However dear hubby and I decided homemade bread is in the near future as we miss making it.

This weeks dinner meals: Crockpot Chicken and Dumplings, Stir Fry, Sloppy Joes, Pork Chops ( Crockpot recipe), Steak on the Grill, Tuna Noodle Casserole, Leftover meal
In the Word

I am currently doing two Beth Moore bible studies. Revelation and So Long Insecurities. Both have limited homework ( unusual for Beth!) One is video based. I am enjoying getting together with the ladies each week. I love the accountability and the fellowship.
I am also reading the bible in chronological order using the one year Chronological One Year Bible. I bought this bible years ago with the intent of reading it through....it gathered dust! This past summer I did Read the Bible in 90 Days with our church. That has changed my life! I am hungry for the word and want to know more all the time. So as soon as I finished the 90 days I started the Chronologial bible. I am really enjoying it. I am trying to develope a habit of getting up just 30 minutes earlier so I can have true quiet time.


We are currently not doing the homeless outreach. Taking a break. We hope to see others in our body step up. The food pantry continues to consume a great deal of our time each week. ( we enjoy doing this so that is not a complaint!) We joyfully serve close to 150 families each month. I am amazed each month how the Lord provides so much food on such a small budget. Gods math is amazing!!!!! We are beginning to see more folks step up to help us with the ministry. For that I am so thankful!

On the Creative Side:

Well does weeding count?! How about just staying ahead of the dust bunnies?! I long for time to crochet and quilt. Colder weather will set in eventually and that time will come.

The picture below is of Joshua and The Difference. ( that is the band that he is a part of). They are in a local radio station doing a spot live for broadcast. All the photos turned out blurry and dark. It was an amazing experience for them.


  1. Hi, Tina, I read your blog today through Mary's WWU. Sounds like your life is busy! Lesson plans for the entire year? Wow. I'm impressed. :)

    I take my lesson plans month by month. My sons are all over the place with school (one home full-time--autism, one in comm. college full-time, one half high school and half college, and my little guy is all high school!). Life gets busy with people being everywhere!

    Thanks for sharing your blog. God bless!


  2. Hi Tina,

    It was so good to visit here, I just love the autumn background! (I know I said that before, but it just puts a smile on my face when I see it!) PTL that you had all the lesson planning done, that is something that takes diligence and a lot of work, and I've never been good about it.

    So many things to comment on...
    ***wow, blue dye? Who'd have thunk it? That's just wild, boy, she'll be a pro at her artificial ingredients-spotting with that one!
    ***wayyyyy cool for the band and the radio interview! All those new experiences will add up and continue to develop these young men's characters, I pray that it went well and they were able to present themselves well! It's fun to follow along thru your posts to see how they're doing!
    ***Your ministry work has blessed so many, Tina, and I'm glad to hear of others coming alongside to take up that job :-)
    ***Yes, weeding sometimes is as creative as we can get! For me it was vacuuming, LOL!
    ***Oh, Tina, your reading through God's Word chronologically and your hunger for it makes me want to remind you of the Bible study, that is FREE, that I constantly have offered on my sidebar. It is 17 weeks, so you could do it with the kids and call it a high school course if you wanted, but my dh and I did it several times over on our own before we did it with the boys. It's not written as a homeschool class...not at all! I just mention it because since it's 17 weeks, it's a perfect length to award a credit in Bible...but that's just a perk. You'll go way beyond Beth Moore with it, though Beth is good...no knocking Beth! But I promise, you'll never regret the 17 weeks you'll spend with my friend, Cindy. Think about it, my SSiC!

    Much love and {{{HUGS}}},

  3. Hi Tina,

    What a busy time. I love weeding too, for the same reason. And the different weeds, each with their own way of being a persistent bother, teach me so much about sin!

    It's wonderful that you have your school year all planned. I don't really, because fall is harvest time and I never know when we'll have to take time of school to do something important like make salsa or go hiking on a perfect day. How do you manage that?

    Have a great Sunday!

    Annie Kate

  4. Sounds like a busy year for Morningstar Academy, but you seem to be keeping up with it and then some. It's always so encouraging to read about other bloggers that are homeschooling 'big kids'.
    Janet W

  5. Tina,

    I REALLY don't know how you do it all? I can't even get the dishes caught up each day. Well, that shows you how I do peter out at the end of the day. And yes...gardening is creative time. ((HUGS)) And yes you will get your other creative outlets soon. Knitting is nice that I can sneak in a few stitches here and there.

    I pray blessings on your ministry you do. You are a blessing to sooooo many. ((((HUGS)))))

    Blessings and ((HUGS))
    In Him<><

  6. Tina, your blog looks absolutely beautiful! I love the fall colors. How refreshing!

    I have also wanted to get a chronological bible. I have a feeling it would open my eyes to a lot of new stuff!

  7. I've been having a busy time as well - but I keep telling myself this is only a season of my life!

    I made the crock chicken and dumplings last week and they were SO good! They will definitely become a staple in our household!

    I lesson plan every weekend. I WISH I had the whole year figured out! LOL

    Hope you have another wonderful week!



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