Catching Up

Once again I feel as though I am missing in action here is blog land. Life if full and oh so blessed. We had guest from out of town. My 19 you sons girl friend and her mom stayed with us for 5 days. What a truely amazing family!!! We had such a good time together.
We took them to the beach ( they are from the midwest), and to see light houses, and other historical stuff. We drug them into the food pantry to work with us and on that day we had a record 73 families. We went to a lovely fall festival where my sons band was playing. Always love seeing and hearing the band. There was a yard sale at the festival. I found a lovely treasure for five bucks! A beautiful Oster Bread Maker!!! It works wonderfully. I am so enjoying homemade bread and doughs. Its so simple! She made us her wonderful buttermilk bucuits and sausage gravy. It is now a favorite at our house. We also went to church and they got to see and hear our youth band do praise and worship. After church we drove south to meet up with a high school friend of hers...( the mom). We met at this amusement park in the middle of nowhere! It was a western theme place and was so much fun. Great food, great place to talk and get to know people. And sadly they had to go home:( I do not have a lot of photos. Our camera went on the blitz the day after the beach visit and the kids have not down loaded any of the photos from their cameras.

We are in love with our sons gal friend! ( and her family) She is a gem.We are blessed indeed. We learned during their visit that the two of them spend every evening on the phone for one hour doing a bible study together.
In the School Room.....we took the week off that we had company except for the enrichment classes that they take. This was wise...I am sure they learned so much during this week. This past week was hard. It just seems that school is hard this year. Lots of homework and learning how to juggle life. I have never had to deal with a teacher before. One of the teachers of the enrichment classes seems so harsh. We actually had a conference with her.
On the good side we started my favorite part of biology. The Zoology part! Today while on a walk we were able to check off many of our birds. Todays jewel was the Red Chested Woodpecker. It put on a lovely show for us.
Around the House: We are proud to say the dead critter smell is gone! Abby is on the hunt for another mouse in the kitchen. I don't recall ever having this many before. But with five cats they won't stay long.
I have been cleaning and just keeping up as we go along. But using 15 minute fly lady tips I get lots done.
On the Creative Side; Longing to dive into a box of quilt scraps a friend gave me. There are buttons in there too! I hope to get a few more gifts made before the end of the month.
Time with the Lord: Oh how I have soaked in the word! Reading the bible in chronological order has been such a blessing. I am half way through Beth Moores So Long Insecurity and Beth Moores Revelation. Love those bible studies with the ladies. Our cell group is starting once again with Max Lucado's Cure for the Common Life.
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  1. Hi Tina! Things have gotten quiet, I agree...I have more things pulling at my time than ever before, and find it hard to sit and visit. :-(

    I'm so glad that you had a wonderful visit w/your son's friend and her family! PTL for that! Glad that your mouse-perfume has finally disappeared, too :-)

    What beach did you take them to? I've "lost" (in my pea-brain) where you live...my brain is on overload these days, so sorry! Is it Virginia??? Atlantic coast somewhere???

    I need to get started on some gift-making as well. Want to make my sister a pair of Mary's fingerless gloves. Time to get the knitting needles working!

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Love and {{{HUGS}}},
    PS: Don't know what's up w/the commments form, I have no restrictions on it so it should work. Now and then I think Blogger gets a little kink in it. I sign out, close out, then open back up again and it works fine...so maybe try again? Thanks!

  2. It's so good to read about your amazing weeks! You are so blessed with your son's girlfriend.

    I wish you a lovely week. School can be hard, but just hang in there and enjoy the good parts.


    Annie Kate

  3. Ohhh sounds like your have a full good life. I am missing our little notes back and forth. Things are looking up. Life should be slower after today. Today is hubby's b-day and then....I get to hibernate !!! PTL (((Happy Dance))) I don't like my life so full and I am craving slower days now for a while. Would you like a ring ring this coming week ? I would love to really catch up. ((HUGS))

    Blessing and ((HUGS)) my SSiC


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