Weekly Wrap Up

Gooseberry Falls Minnesota
From the Heart: Sorta feel like I am swimming upstream. As I type this things are slowing down and I am looking forward to finding time to read this evening.
Around the House The mouse has met its demise! Our smallest cat Abby, caught it and proudly displayed it for all to see. She was very proud and puffed up the rest of the day. Now to catch that squirrel!!!! I cleaned a whole bunch this week. Did many 15 minute ( flylady style) cleanouts. Really accomplished a great deal this way.
At Our School: Oh the week just zoomed by....yep we got the work done..yep there was lots of homework for the enrichment classes. We got it done. ( I should say the gals got it done!) Lots of life interruptions. Hmmm I am thinking I should take notes so I can share something profound each week!
Both gals just got back from a 2 1/2 day youth retreat. They are napping. I know they had fun.
In the Kitchen
This has been a crazy busy week. We started the week with leftovers times 2 nights. Really need to work on cooking less! We had Mexican and Homemade Chicken Soup followed by a 1950s meal of True TV Dinners. Now I would never buy these things but we just happened upon them for free and thought it would be fun. 3 out of 5 at the table loved it and 1 would not even try it. They were banquet chicken dinners. Honestly they were not bad! While the children ate we shared our stories of the real tv dinners: You know the ones in tin trays, eaten with anticipation of getting to eat the gooey little dessert in the corner of the tray. ( had to eat the veggies first). And the joy of actually getting to watch tv while we at these dinners. Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom and The Walt Disney family movies!
The rest of the week was kinda boring after that! We has Saugage Cheese Balls ( with sauce and noodles ect), and BBQ Ribs ( for our bible study group) . Hubby and I enjoyed dinner out ( alone! ).
I did try to plan ahead for this week but some weeks plan for me. It all depends on what we glean from for the week. This makes for interesting planning. You will see steak on our menu often because we get that for free. So we tend to do BBQ, stir fry, and fajitas often. The kids eat steak sandwiches too. We also get a ton of chicken breast. So I am always looking for new recipes for anything healthy.
I am reading: Beth Moore So Long Insecurity and Revelation, Through the Bible in Chronological Order in a Year and Max Lucados Cure for the Common Life. We started Max's book a while back and the group just fizzled. Now we have new members and they want to give it a try. I am loving both Beth Moore studies. Its digging deep! Reading the bible again is such joy. I thrive on it.
Creative Side: I went to a huge craft show looking for inspiration. What I found was dissappointment. Not too many hand made items for sale. Lots of stuff like AVON, 31. baskets, ( already made stuff). But I did glean 3 ideas and hope to get some started for the holidays.
In the Ministry: Went to a food bank workshop this weekend. It was nice to see other folks who do what we do and to learn some new stuff.


  1. Hi Tina - I've missed you!! It was so nice having you visit today. :)

    I was just thinking the other day that I need to keep an eye out for craft shows. There really weren't any TRUE craft shows in AZ - mostly just like you described. Except there we called that a flea market, lol. Sorry you had a dud - hopefully you'll find a good one soon.

    Soooo glad you got the mouse!!! On to the squirrel!! Do they have squirrel traps??

    TV dinners... lol - that takes me back. The only one I never really minded was the fried chicken/mashed potato/corn/dessert one. The others were just... :P lol

    Sorry to hear your week has been crazy; hopefully it'll begin to settle down soon. At least you're organising and getting your cupboards cleaned out before winter and the holidays. That will be a big help.

    I have recently begun collecting transferware myself. I also have a red/white plate that I display, but am on the constant lookout for more.

    Thank you so much for your lovely compliments on the crochet. :)

    As for the band, it's one of our touchstone things like the library that we just have to have in order to feel at "home" somewhere, so it's a priority for us to get involved. As for walking tacos, they are this: an individual bag of Fritos (or Doritos) with an end cut off, the Fritos broken, and then loaded with taco meat, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions and sour cream if you like. Grab a fork and dig in to the bag. :) They made much money off of us yesterday, lol.

    Have a wonderful week - and I hope things level off and we can see more of you around!!! xxx ~Shani

  2. Wow lots going on at your place....a mouse (did it have a cookie? *grin*), yummy meals, girls studies and trips, bible studies, cleaning, and craft fairs. I am hoping to start some embroidery soon. I ordered some books and can't wait for my brother to bring them up next week. ((happy dance)) Yes, I will take a pic of my books. It will keep me busy ALL winter for sure. lol

    Thank you for all your sweet words. (((HUGS))) my SSiC. Love you !

    Blessings and ((HUGS))

  3. Ohhhh the tv dinners.....memories. We watched the same thing too. I thought they were sooo cool back then, haha. I have misswed getting to visit. I hope we continue to have a good internet signal, so I can catch up.

  4. LOL! I remember those tv dinners :) I don't think my children would know what they are.

    I feel like I've been swimming upstream, too! Hard work.

    Glad your cat caught your mouse. Have a wonderful week! ~Tamara


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