Bargin Daze

Yep I spelled DAZE correctly! This past weekend we went to our favorite thrift store armed with 5 bucks and the hopes of just enjoying a bit of time together while looking at other folks cast offs. When we got there we discovered that it was "1 Box for a buck" day! We are talking big boxes. If it fits in the box its yours for a buck. We filled 3 boxes and had such a great time doing it. Although I truely was in a daze when all was said and done!
Here is a partical list of our found treasure:
2 glass vases, 11 double picture frames ( old ), 1 glass bowl, rocks ( river and glass), 2 princess house bowls, 2 mirrors, 1 set of curtians, wooden pencil box, pair of new shoes, stuffed penguin, ( like new), 1 old creamer in a pattern I adore, 2 1950s pattern plates, 1 large box sewing patterns, 4 grape vine wraths, 1 straw wreath, lots of fall and christmas plastic foilage, drafting material ( antique), 5 old golden books on Christmas, 17 books, 2 rolls of wrapping paper, 13 record set ( Verdi), Set of Records ( Great Band era) 4 jars filled with electronics ( still useable), decorator pillow, 1 painting canvas, 7 wood frames for framing paintings, 2 christmas placemats, christmas cards, and more....See why I was in a DAZE?!
Most of this stuff will be turned into treasure in the form of Christmas gifts. I was thrilled to find treasures to freshen up my tired fall and christmas decorations. And you all know I love books! One of my favorites is Amy Vanderbilt's Complete Cookbook. This is a fabulous old fashioned cook from scratch cookbook. The Cakes Cupcakes and Cookies section is amazing!!! Fond memories of many of the recipes used by my mom and grandmother. I wish I had photos but the camera is on a blitz.


  1. Once again, I LOVE your photo at the top. Wow!

    Your bargains sound simply amazing. The Lord sometimes has such wonderful surprises waiting for us, doesn't he?

    Have a great day!

    Annie Kate

  2. Wow! That's awesome. We don't have $1 box days. That would be great.

  3. Oh, I'm so jealous! That would have been so much fun! I love how the Lord blessed you w/these special items, and at such a bargain! How cool that these "finds" will turn into special treasures as Christmas gifts.

    I wish I had more time to visit our resale shops and the antique stores. I've found some really neat ideas on The Nate Berkus show.

  4. WOW,WOW, and MORE WOW!!! Tina, that's incredible! We have the Goodwill store here, and it's super cheap, but there's nothing like what you scored :-D

    I wish I could go out for a stroll with $5 in my pocket and come home with my Christmas shopping done...

    Blessings and {{{HUGS}}},


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