Does Your Library Have Book Sales?

Our library has a great sale once each month. Folks line up early and we all chat about "worm dirt" ( thats what we call books in our house! We are bookworms!) Prices are amazing. 25 cents for childrens books ( this extends into junior books), 50cents for soft cover and a buck for hard cover. Sometimes they charge less.
Yesterdays trip to the library sale was fruitful. DD was happy to find several books she loves. DH found a nice book: The Golden Age of Travel. I think this book will provide plenty of spontaneous learning. And I found a treasure! Grandmas Best Full Sized Quilt Blocks. This book is for folks like me who need a pattern that is all ready to go...no resizing. I love the tid bits of history and the modern twist as well. It has nice big photos. I am a visual person so this is a must if I am to use the book. Here is a nice review with photos. http://www.amazon.com/Grandmas-Best-Full-Size-Quilt-Blocks/dp/069621265X
We also found a few gifts. Many of the books donated have never seen a library shelve and have no marks or stamps in them. Some are still in their packaging. So they are perfect to give. We got 20 books for 12.00. A great buy!
Tips for a sucessful trip. Know your budget! Don't spend just to spend. Know who you are buying for. I keep a list of my kids and friends favorite authors and of books I am looking for. Smile! Folks ( aka Bookworms) can be pushy and rude. Just smile back.

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  1. Sounds great. Our library has book sales took, though I haven't been to one in ages. I should try to make the next one for sure. :)



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