Zipping Around the Blog World

Reading others blogs is a lot like picking up my favorite magazine. The difference is I can skip all the articles I don't care to read about, skip the adds and go straight to what I want to read or learn about. If my blog appetite could tell about me here is what you might learn.

Where I find food for the soul: ( other than my bible, prayer and my church) http://www.thechristianwoman.com/christian-resources/christian-women-blogs.html

Food for the belly! I collect vintage cookbooks. Being a visual person I love looking at what others create. This site gives me so many choices! http://www.foodblogblog.com/

My creative side! By now most of you who visit me here on blogger know I just cannot keep a template or background. Always changing and creating is just what I like to do. While on HSB I had learned how to do my own templates. Not so much since my move to Blogger. Need more time to play! Anyway there are so many talented bloggers out in blog land who have made some very adorable and easy to install FREE templates and backgrounds.
http://www.adorigraphics.com/ These are very cute and oh so easy to install. She also has a good variety of designs you can purchase. Want just a background? Try Shabby Blogs. These are quick and easy and adorable. http://www.shabbyblogs.com/index.html Or Aqua Poppy Designs. Lots of choices and styles.http://aquapoppydesigns2.blogspot.com/

I love crafting and quilting. My life does not allow for much of that right now but I enjoy seeing what others are doing and I keep notes on what I like! When the quilting bug bites you will find me here: http://quiltinggallery.com/quilting-bloggers/ I pick a few blogs and indulge for a bit. Crocheting. Oh yes that is a favorite too. Although I am not very good at it I do enjoy it. I am a visual person so this site is great for me. http://crochet-mania.blogspot.com/ Just plain crafting. I save everything. Buttons, scraps of fabric, thread, yarn, old lace, and so much more. I save it because I might just be able to make it into "something" for someone. http://www.blogcatalog.com/category/crafts/

Special Interest: Wild Horses. Yep you read that correctly. I love them. Use to live where they roam free. http://en.wordpress.com/tag/wild-horse/

Homeschool Education...okay thats a given! http://homeschooling.families.com/blog/ http://www.onlineeducation.net/2009/08/16/100-best-blogs-for-homeschooling-moms

Anyway you put it blog time is mom time! Time to catch up with a friend, learn something new, make new friends.

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