Music and Art

We had a wonderful opportunity to hear and see many talented youth at our girls enrichment school a few weeks ago. The whole program was done over two evenings with delightful music, singing, sign language, drama, and an art show. Here are a few photos of the girls as they were setting up to play with the Guitar 1 ensemble.

And as promised more of Emily's art from her Chinese Art class. If you click on the photo you can see it better.


  1. So pretty! I love the one with the bird. :-)

  2. I love displaying my childrens' art. You have some wonderful art to display.

  3. Pretty paintings, your daughter did a really nice job on them. Hope you are having a great day! :-)

  4. You mentioned sign language, and it reminded me that I need to call the local college to see if they recognize ASL as a high school course. If they don't, then I'm not going to push dd to take it. With working f/t, it just wouldn't be worth the effort if she'll get no credit for it.


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