Its been a great break! ( and its not over yet)
As promised a photo of the Japanese Magnoias in full bloom. Click on the photo to enlarge. They are nearly done with their blooming season as we can now see bits of green.

Our home has been filled with lots of big kids ( college age!)

A lot of catching up for father and son.

Two beautiful couples.

Lots of meals around the kitchen table.

Friends. This particular evening there had been a bonfire and plenty of wonderful music.

Girl time.

Shoulder rubs while waiting for their band to go on. Several bands play at this venue so there is a lot of time to sit and wait.

Josh's band. This is at a Christian club. Its a great outreach.

This is the following day at a church rally. And this weekend they are in another state at a youth rally.

And if your gonna purdge and you enlist the help of your kids and their friends you might as well enjoy it! This little but big closet under the stairs is a catch all no matter how hard I try.

This is just a small pile of the stuff we purdged this week. So much stuff! We have gone through every nook and crany and closet. I still have to purdge the books but overall we are done! It really feels good to have gone through so much.

We took all of our stuff to our favorite Thrift Store.

This is the newest member of our house hold!!! Isn't it beautiful? What happened to the old bread maker? Well the day the kids all showed up I was preparing dough for cinnamon rolls and clover leaf rolls. Thought it was odd I did not smell the yeast as the machine whirred away through its cycle. When the machine beeped I discovered that it never heated up. The element had burned up. ( it was an old machine) With a deep sigh I tossed the dough and went to plan B. ( by hand).
Last week this showed up on my porch! Dear Husband was sneaky!
Our first batch of Apple Cinnamon bread turned out fabulous.

On one of our days you would have found us belly down on the dock of the river examining Jelly Fish and other creatures. We did not bring our camera. They are truely beautiful ( but very painful!) We also examined a lot of Galls. This proved to be a great biology lesson.
Speaking of school: We have fallen behind. Just life in general, illness, and spring. So we have resolved to school as needed through the summer. The slower pace has been good for us this year. We are accomplishing lots of life skills.
This weekend it is just us girls at home. We are sewing and crafting. Still organizing and cleaning as we go. Its been good to have time to do such things.


  1. Welcome back! What great report. And I love your new blog background. So pretty!

  2. I am glad you all had a nice break.. What a great purge. I like how you have little photos next to the blogs you read. That is neat.

  3. Looks and sounds like a great time. And what a nice looking bread machine. :)


  4. Sounds like a wonderful spring break with your family home. Looks like you've had plenty to keep you busy. Your husband sounds like a sweetie; love the new bread machine! Enjoy your weekend.

  5. It is always exciting at your house. [o= I am a bit burned out on the purging. I have projects I should do on my second week but I am moving slow now. Well, I guess I am talking myself into getting something done after see all you have done. Send a cinnamon roll my way! Wahoo for hubby being sneaky. [o=

    Blessings and ((HUGS))


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