Not a good Pattern!

Okay one week ago today I started a draft for a day by day post....  Got to Tuesday and stuff changed...did the same thing the week or two ago...Not liking the pattern of what has been happening in our lives...read on.

I spent the morning trying to figure out just how blogger could change things without so much as a note to me about how to adjust my settings.
Went to church. Lovely sermon on the differences/similarities in the four gospels on the events of what we call Palm Sunday. Amazing praise and worship time.
We have been cat sitting all week so went there right after church to care for them. So much fun. Will have to post a photo or two.
Speaking of photos....uploading to the computer, getting them off the different cameras and the phone has been a challenge. There just has to be a solution to this! The IT guy ( aka dh) has been reorganizing and upgrading stuff.
Had a lovely family bbq dinner. Its in the 70s today! Just amazing outside.
A short trip to the river proved amazing as always. Lots of things to explore and see.
Spent some more time on blogger and figured out what to do the fix the problem! That's always a sense of accomplishment especially if you do not do nerdy type stuff.
Spent the rest of the evening doing laundry, correcting papers, reading, and catching a movie with the gals.
While the gals did school I went to work ( I clean a home for someone), came home cleaned my own home, finished the laundry, and fixed dinner. Gee that sounds uneventful! It was a busy day. After dinner DH and I went to the food bank to shop for the food pantry. This requires loading food into boxes, weighing each box, loading each box into the truck, unloading each box at church and putting all the food away. Thankfully we had help tonight. Stopped at Lowe's on the way home. Once home we found we could not get the keys to work in the back door lock...good thing someone was home to let us in. DH is a jack of all trade. He discovered that this lock ( brand new ) had a broken tumbler.  I did the dishes and tidied up the rest of the house.
DDs have been spring cleaning in their rooms. They have done a fabulous job!
So ends the melancholy sorta week...
DH, a friend and myself went to the food bank to pick up more food. It takes many trips to get what we need. Because the food bank is donations they sometimes do not have what we need on a given day. This week we were unable to get dry goods such as cereal, rice and noodle products.
This trip completely wore my husband out and he was experiencing some of the same symptoms as 2 wks ago that landed him in the ER and a three day hospital stay. I was thankful our friend was with him and hopeful he would talk him in to returning to the ER.
I picked the gals up from their enrichment classes and we went shopping. They still has some cash left from clothes and work money. We had a great time. About 3/4 of the way through our shopping I got a call from our friend and we had a plan to take my husband to the hospital. It proved to be another long night. He was finally admitted and I went home.
The rest of the week was pretty much me between the hospital and home. He was released on Saturday.
The final diagnosis? Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, hemicrania continua, and Muscle Spastcity. ( all can mimic a heart attack) He had many many test done and was seen by 2 specialist and internal medicine. It is believed if they can control the first disorder that the other two disorders will subside. His potassium level was also low. We are hoping that the doctors will elaborate more on that at the follow up.
We do not have insurance. So this is a mountain moving situation. God is able! We will be doing the follow up at the low cost clinic and are hoping to be able to stay with that to get the treatment he needs.
So how does one spend her evenings while hubby is in the hospital? Had a few girl dates with my gals, watched a few movies, cleaned, and read. The highlight of the week was when ds invited his friend over ( they are both 20! ) They made pizza and played with Lego's. It was just awesome listening to the sound of the Lego's and the laughter.
We had a lovely Easter Dinner ( did our favorite BBQ) and are enjoying a restful Sunday.
I do hope to get some photos up sometime soon. The one below is from DD birthday the first week of the month.


  1. Sorry your husband had to go to the hospital again, but glad it can be taken care of. Hope the following weeks are better. :)


  2. Sounds like you are a very busy lady. I hope your husband is feeling better and that you are able to get some peaceful rest. Happy Easter to you and your family. :-)

  3. Oh my! I am sorry that your husband has not been doing very well. I will pray that the Lord provides. No fun.


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