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Biology Isn't he adorable?! We were finally able to find some more of these "Blackworms". Although I must say they are not black. Its cool observing them because you can see all of their insides and watch the digestive system.

We are done with Biology this week. ( took us almost 2 school years). Done with vocabulary. Nearly done with History. I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! There will be math this summer. No way around that.

Switching to homemade:

Homemade dog food is so much easier on our big pooches tummy. He is not aging well and we are doing everything we can to make it easier on him. This variety is beef, rice and veggies with egg shell. NO it does not cost anymore than the bagged variety. Rice is the main ingredient. Beef, chicken and turkey are the meats, carrots the main veggie. He loves it. We can tell he is more satisfied. Lots of information on the web, If you are interested in switching your animals to a natural diet talk with folks who have, your vet and read up on it.

This is egg shell ground in a coffee grinder. The grinder was a gift from a friend. Egg shell is very important to the dogs diet. A natural source of calicum. Since switching him to an all natural homecooked diet he has perked up lots, has much less gas, and more energy. ( among other things not fit to discuss on a blog! Potty stuff)

Found this lovely 1970s stretch fabric for the gals at my favorite thrift store for free! I cannot wait to see what the gals create with it.

My new most favorite book series? YadaYada Prayer Group! I love it. You can check out all of the Overcomer books here: http://www.daveneta.com/


  1. Hooray for finishing Biology. You've done a good job, it seems to me. And yes to the homemade pet food. I wish I could do that with my puddy cat, but she is so stuck on her food. Also, I think you are spoiled, having such a thrift store near you! (just kidding)

  2. Yay, congratulations on finishing biology! That's great news, and I bet the kids are thrilled :-) (btw, I hate slimy worms...eeeeeew!)

    We've had Sunny on raw meat dog food for years. She was super sick on anything processed, canned or dry. She's done great w/the raw. I don't make it, it's too much work, and I would have had to buy another Vitamix blender, it's the only thing that can pulverize bones (her teeth are not strong enough to crunch them herself...a result of the processed dog food ruining her enamel), so we figure the cost about evens out by not buying that expensive blender!

    Pretty fabric, nice for spring AND summertime!

    have a wonderful end of the week WITHOUT BIOLOGY!



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