Day Trip, Creative Ventures and Family

I love the way this summer is totally unplanned ( except for math, work, and daily life). We simply have not had time or resources to plan or do things outside of home. This breeds creativity. 

 Above is another apron I made. Its made from a mans shirt.
 Remember the 1960s polyester fabric I found at the thrift store for the gals? I think it was a buck. Anyway my 17 year old made the above dress with it. I think she did an awesome job!
 This cute summer skirt is made from a mans dress shirt! She is very creative!
 Surprise! You know my heart was blessed when my oldest and his wife surprised us with a visit. Above are all four of my kids and their dad playing Banana Peel. Of course I could not get a straight face from any of them.
 Last weekend we took Dad on a day out of the house trip. We packed the cooler, filled the gas tank ( ouch) and followed the nose of the car. We sorta had a plan. Serious photos just cannot happen in our house!
 This trip involved lots of trains for dear husband to photograph.
 Lots of strange things to look at!
 Lots of historical landmarks. So many in fact that we mapped out our next spur of the moment journey and are ready to go.

And lots of unique scenery. The tree above is over 150 years old. It was close to home but well worth the time away from home, time to explore and just have fun together.

And yes we are doing math at least four days each week.However I think family togetherness, sewing, lego building, games, and exploring is the best kind of school there is.


  1. What a great idea...to make a skirt out of a man's dress shirt. I just love it! Please share with your daughter that I think she is very creative!

    Hope you all have a blessed "Father's Day" weekend!

  2. We love finding new places to explore and take pictures. Looks and sounds like you had a lot of fun. And how creative with the skirts and aprons. Very nice. :)


  3. I agree with the others, very creative! And day trips are such fun. I hope your air conditioner arrives sooner than July. That has to be hard on you all.


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