This Week

Well this was week 18 of school, the end of Quarter 2 and the first Semester. We kept it light. The holidays have a way a making one resistant to getting back into routine so why fight it!? Best to finish up well. Thus I will be doing grades this coming week.
The gals will be starting their fifth Shakespeare book this coming week. We decided to just do Shakespeare for literature ( all by itself) since we have already done British and American Literature. We are using No Fear Shakespeare books. They have made a huge difference in likability!  I want them to have a positive experience.

This week found me weeding in my garden in January! The fact that the weeds are still growing is beyond me. It is suppose to be cold and wintry!  I weeded the rose garden and pruned the still blooming roses. It was peaceful and pleasant. I have to say I loved the smell of the dirt!
We also put Christmas away. Always bittersweet. Jesus is a year round celebration but I love the time of celebration at Christmas, family, festivities, the smells. ( okay and the food!)
 I got lovely new candles for Christmas. Mint. Apple Cider. Lemon and Sage. Sage and Citrus and Lavender. ( the kids know what mom loves) The house smells amazing.

In the kitchen we had some lovely meals: Fajitas, Brisket, Pizza ( homemade of course), Stuffed Chicken Breast, Baked Spaghetti, Enchiladas, and leftovers. I baked bread. NO sweets this week. Still detoxing from the holidays

Speaking of detoxing....I have successfully walked and stretched  (as planned in earlier post), eaten less and drank more water.  I have lost 1/2 lb and feel much more energetic.  My goals are simple: eat less, eat wholesome foods, drink plenty of water, and get moving. With arthritis is can be difficult just to get out of bed. Exercise can cause flare ups ( huge deterrent for me) with fibro and arthritis. So I have to decide to push through it.

I am creating a baby gift for our grandchild to be, ( sorry I cannot show it! ) reading through the bible with my sister and mom, and trying hard to stay ahead of the dust bunnies. I have a plan for each room to get it clean from top to bottom.... ( don't we all!) But more important is getting the day to day done with good attitude and joy in my heart.

Things I have found joy in this week: This is not a complete list! Just a few....
Our son tinkering with his car...
The sound of sisters laughing...
Sun filtering through the windows...
The smell of dirt in my hands... ( its the farm gal in me )
Never too old for stuffed pets.


  1. Wow, weeding in January! It sounds kind of appealing to me. :)

    But I know what you mean about missing snow. It was late here, too.

    Happy New Year!

    Annie Kate

  2. Mmmmm, I can smell the roses and the dirt...I like that smell, too! But I am really wanting to just hibernate when we get home, so I hope winter hits soon! I think it's still snow-free in Chicago, too. My arthritis is ALWAYS at its worst when I eat sugar and white flour. But sugar is the main culprit. I've actually evaluated my reaction somewhat scientifically, so I know for sure that's it. Christmas treats are my favs...and the worst things for me, LOL! Praying blessings on your (our) eating habits and detoxing so we can start moving better!


  3. Lovely post!!! Sweet pic of the dd with the stuffed animals. My oldest is only 11, but she still loves dolls and stuffed animals. I know if she went to public school that might not be the case. Glad you had such a great week. Blessings for what the nest week brings.

  4. Sounds like a good week. Glad things are going well for you.


Let me hear of your unfailing love each morning, for I am trusting you. Show me where to walk, for I give myself to you. Psalms 143:8