Tuesday Project Party

Okay so Tuesday Project Party is suppose to help me stay motivated to finish my projects. For me right now just keep up with the house is a project! Life is full. So my list is boring. But its a list and I am slowly crossing stuff off of it ( and quickly adding to it). I am a list person. I have list for everything. Partly because I forget stuff and mostly to motivate me to go do it. So this list will morph from week to week.
 Here is the list.
Start a food journal, calorie count, and get moving daily.
Maybe get back on Spark People. This was humbling....no wonder I am over weight!
Scrub the outside of all kitchen cupboards. Hubby did the high stuff for me. I hate this chore.
Wash large decorative plates that are on top of cupboards.  Just why do I have decorative plates anyhow?
Suck up all the unseen spider webs.
Clean and organize all stuff in sideboard ( there are no doors so stuff get dusty)
Clean behind washer and dryer ( you know the unseen stuff, bet I find a few socks)
Our Bedroom
Vacuum, dust, clean fan, clean walls.
Inventory and purge any out dated food. Easy to see what I have now!
Menu Plan
Wash and put all winter coats, hats, gloves, and scarves in the attic.
Find a storage solution for winter blankets.
Print out photos for upcoming gift.
Plan for one ( sad face). Get the creative juices flowing. This is a special time. Classes narrowed down...not feeling creative yet!
Help dd 18 to get a successful start at the local college. ( transcript, test scores, scholarship info etc) All stuff in order ready to go when the time is right.
Move plants
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  1. You seem to be making pretty good progress! I like lists, too. Although, I don't always remember to look at them! They are more fun to make than to do!

  2. Your list looks like mine, Tina! Today I'm doing the MUCH hated kitchen cabinet wash and cobweb suck-up! I find that this "school administrator for college application paperwork" takes ALL my energies, and the house suffers miserably for it. PTL I will be totally DONE with it just before we leave for a 2 week vacation to NY and Ontario! The college deadlines fell just in the right places...

    Keep going, my dear, we'll both get things organized! And I know what you mean, I look at everything in my house and half the time think, "why do I have this anyway?" as I dust it.

    Blessings and {{{HUGS}}},


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