Tuesday Project Party

This week was productive. To save time ( mine) scroll down the list. Anything in blue is from this week. I promise not to bore you with a list next week.

Here is the list.


Start a food journal, calorie count, and get moving daily. I am down 6.5 lbs! Using something other than Spark People. Its called Lose It. Its working for me. I am slowly moving more and more. I really feel so much better! I am concentrating on eating low on the Glycemic Index. My family has a history of diabetes.

Maybe get back on Spark People. This was humbling....no wonder I am over weight!


Scrub the outside of all kitchen cupboards. Hubby did the high stuff for me. I hate this chore.

Wash large decorative plates that are on top of cupboards. Just why do I have decorative plates anyhow?

Suck up all the unseen spider webs.

Clean and organize all stuff in sideboard ( there are no doors so stuff get dusty)

Clean behind washer and dryer ( you know the unseen stuff, bet I find a few socks)

Our Bedroom
Vacuum, dust, clean fan, clean walls.

Inventory and purge any out dated food. Easy to see what I have now!

Menu Plan


Wash and put all winter coats, hats, gloves, and scarves in the attic. Looks all tidy in the foyer now!

Find a storage solution for winter blankets. We just do not have a solution...No more room for another piece of furniture. Just have to shelve this for a while. ( if only I had more shelves!)

Print out photos for upcoming gift.


Plan for one ( sad face). Get the creative juices flowing. This is a special time. Classes narrowed down...not feeling creative yet!
Wow did I get into this this week! Exciting stuff. The realization that I only have one and can devote all my attentions to her has really changed how we will do school next year. The key is DO....
She is currently making a list of places nearby that she wishes to study. So far everything Civil War ( I thought we had done this to death but she loves this era), and anything artsy.
I spent hours working on English tailored just for her. She loves to write...dislikes grammar. Will share when I have it all done what we are doing. I also found a lovely to the point science course on line that is right up her alley. She has decided she wants to be an Archaeologist/ Missionary. So a good course in Geology will be helpful. I really enjoyed working with her in Geometry this week. She had a rough start and I realized it was my fault. I was still in the read the lesson plan and do it mode. She needed a teacher! DUH! What was I thinking? I enjoy the hands on teaching of Geometry. Fun Stuff!

Help dd 18 to get a successful start at the local college. ( transcript, test scores, scholarship info etc) All stuff in order ready to go when the time is right. Graduation is almost here....butterflies in my tunny!

Move plants
Got it all done!!!!!! OF course I will have to start all over again this week....
So on to next weeks project...I will restart the list,
Wash Windows ( ick)
Wash Front Porch
Clean behind washer and dryer ( you know the unseen stuff, bet I find a few socks)
Print out photos for upcoming gift.

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  1. Wow, way to go, Tina! These "to do" lists are a sight to behold, aren't they? Remember when we had grade-school-age kids and we thought we were so busy??? I smile when I see moms in that stage who think they're "so overwhelmed." I think God saves His best energy-infusion-for-weary-mamas for when we have teens and launching adults. And then He starts blessing us with Grandbabies...I'm still waiting for that one :-)


  2. Congrats on the weight loss!!! AWESOME!!!! I am using My fitness pal. It is a no nonsense approach to (no bells and whisels) which is working great for me. Glad you found a program you like too.


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