This and That

  Summer brings on so many activities. I am not busy but mearly enjoying time to garden, read, walk, deep clean ( yes enjoy it) and catch up on things long left undone. Here is a photo catch up!
 Flowers from around the yard.

Walks with my daughter. ( if you cannot find her look up! )
 Do not know what these are but they are cool!
 Naysa is doing well. She has a lot of adjusting to do. Here she is enjoying a 2 mile stroll.
 Here she is enjoying ( not so much) a much needed bath. She really like the massage part of the bath.
 We have discovered that she is quite hairy! Shepherds have an undercoat that requires daily brushing. She did not enjoy being brushed at first but now she looks forward to it as part of our morning routine.
 And here she is sporting her new bandana. I made this for her for the 4th of July.

As a family we are adjusting to being parents of three adult children. I do love this stage!
Some time I will write a post about the leaving of the nest. It is an amazing experience that thankfully has been unique with each child. ( that's to keep us parents on our toes! Or perhaps our knees!)
Naomi ( my 18 yo) is in the process of jumping through all the hoops to get fully registered for our local college. So may steps! She is pursuing Interior Design. I know she will be awesome!
My 21 year old son is working full time and saving to move to Ohio where is gal friend of almost 2 years lives. We are so blessed! She and her family are awesome.
Our oldest son and his dear wife are expecting their first child very very soon! We had a lovely visit with them on Fathers Day. ( somehow we did not take any photos) So proud of them!

I am crafting gifts for Christmas. Keeping the gifts small and as free as I can this year. Using all my scraps and found items. The goal is to have all homemade stuff done by end of August. I have challenged myself to craft each day till I leave for my sisters mid August. So far so good!

I am struggling to keep up with exercise. It seems that my cerebral palsy has reared its ugly head. I am experiencing lack of coordination and use of one leg at times. Frustrating. So I push through it.I hope I do not have to use a cane. ( yep I am prideful...honest)

I have been quite lazy about preparing for Emily's school next year. Perhaps it is just because she will be the only one.  Just not stressed about it. Check back in a month and I bet I will be! I have a stack of books to go to the used book store. All I need to jump start my "teacher" mode it step into that store! Hoping my sell back pile will pay for what I need.

Still reading through the bible. I so enjoy doing this!
Also reading The Prodigal God ( excellent!) and A Life God Rewards Devotional


  1. Such lovely photos, and what a nice catch-up! I look forward to finding a new rhythm in the new house... and unpacking every. last. box. We have items that have never been unpacked since Michigan... two states ago! Yup. It's time to clean house. :)

    Inspired by your homemade Christmas; I'm going to have a list of gifts done and be started on my own homemade Christmas by the end of August. :)

    Have a lovely rest-of-week!

  2. Loved all the flowers! So glad your dog is adjusting. Dorothy is, too. I can't believe it's been exactly 3 months since we got her. I am starting to get into school prep mode. I am hoping to do some today, a little at a time. I look forward to reading your post about adult kids leaving the nest. And, I will pray that exercising will help your leg get stronger.


Let me hear of your unfailing love each morning, for I am trusting you. Show me where to walk, for I give myself to you. Psalms 143:8