Click 365: Homemade Yoghurt


We find that we have leftover milk now that both boys have moved out and are on their own. Years ago as a worker at a Summer Camp  I learned to make yoghurt by the gallon with an electric blanket! All I had was fresh cows milk, an electric blanket, glass gallon jars, and culture from the previous days yoghurt. I do not need a gallon...just need to use up the milk before it goes bad. There are lots of instructions on the net on how to make yoghurt. So I won't bore you with details on how to make it. But I thought you might like to see what we do with it after we add the culture. For small batches we use a thermos! Its the right size for our family. Wrapped in a towel and stored in a warm place ( in the cup board above the heat vent). Its the perfect incubator for yoghurt. I do not drain the whey so our yoghurt is a medium consistancy. ( not greek or thick) Whey is very good for you.

Finished yoghurt. Needs a few hours in fridge to set up.

For slightly bigger batches I use a small crockpot. Warm up the pot first. Unplug it, add the warm milk and the culture. Wrap the crock up and put in a warm place for about 10 hours. I noticed that most articles on how to make yoghurt talk about how tart it taste ( and what to add to it ect). Ours always turns out sweet ( not like super sweet as if sugar were added , just a nice flavor, not tangy)



  1. I would love to hear the details of how to make it. I love the crockpot idea.

  2. I failed the last time I tried making yogurt. I may try again one day!

    1. Failure happens when making yogurt! (If the temp of the milk is off or the live culture not so "live", or the incubation temp too hot or too cold ) When that happens I boil it down and make cheese out of it.

  3. Looks like it worked out good for you.


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