Click 365: I am not Martha....

Several years ago I saw a cool idea for keeping your sheet sets together on the shelve.  You fold them and store them neatly inside of a pillowcase. Of course the host of the show folded the sheets perfectly...without wrinkle ect. And the sets of sheets looked so nice and neat.
First of all I just know she had help.
Second they went in to a closet with a door...( so what was all the fuss!)
I do not have a linen closet. Our bed lines are on a tall metal shelve tucked at the end of the hallway. The shelve also houses oversized books.
When the boys left home I found myself with lots of miss matched sheets. So today I sorted everything, threw away a bunch, and am now washing all the linen. Every sheet that goes back on the shelve will have a matching sheet and at least two pillowcases. Then each set will be labeled so there is no more digging through all the sheets ect. As you can see it is not exactly perfect. But I do look forward to the sets of sheets staying together longer than usual!


  1. That is a great idea. I think it looks very neat.

  2. We do this, but I never thought to "label" them, too! A great idea :)

  3. I saw this too, last year, and started, but then the follow through with different people doing laundry, the system collapsed! Would you believe that this house, built in 2008, has NO, not one, linen closet. That was almost enough to be a deal breaker. lol.


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