Lets Click 365 First Gift of 2014

First Christmas Present of 2014 done! ( of course you can't tell what it is! It is folded funny on purpose so you cannot tell. )  I will tell you it is not a hat , nor a scarf, or mittens, or wristlets. I needed to find something I could do at work. I do 8-11 loads of laundry each week for a family. There is a lot of time to just sit and wait on the machines. So I needed to come up with a craft that would travel well and did not require much space to work on. This simple pattern is perfect. And yes I finally can follow a pattern! I found a lovely book that appeals to my learning style. I think I paid 50 cents for the book at a library sale.. Best $ ever spent!


  1. I always wished I could crochet or knit. It must be rewarding to make something out of yarn. I am really enjoying your 365 posts.

  2. How very pretty. I like the colors! :)

  3. Whatever it is, it looks pretty. I can't even imagine getting 2014 Christmas gifts done yet. I have projects, but not for Christmas yet. :)

  4. I wish I were more creative with crochet and knitting. It's just never been a good hobby for me. The colors are beautiful.


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