Still Moments: Make Room for Jesus


I cherish my alone time with Jesus each morning. Yes He is with me all the time, even when life is so busy that my head spins. But in the quiet I hear His voice, I feel His presence. Its a beautiful quiet that I can reflect back on throughout my day. I encourage you to get up 15 minutes earlier to have coffee with Jesus. Nothing fancy, just a scripture or two, some quiet, your journal, and your favorite cup of coffee of tea.


  1. Hi Tina! I came here yesterday, but didn't have time to comment...so I"m back! It's great to be here with you, too :-) And how fun...I couldn't find T's blog for so long, and wondered what had become of her...then I saw your link to Still Moments, and there she was! I'm doing the 90 days as well. First time. I need this lengthy, daily time in His Word to take me securely through these difficult days. I'll see you often! Blessings and {{{HUGS}}}, Lori

  2. A very priceless {still moment} indeed!!!!


Let me hear of your unfailing love each morning, for I am trusting you. Show me where to walk, for I give myself to you. Psalms 143:8